13 More Confirmed Cases in Xi’an, a Slap to the City’s “Social Zero” Policy

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On January 10th, it was reported that 13 more infection cases were identified in Xi’an city of Shanxi Province that day. Liu Guozhong, secretary of Shanxi provincial party committee, spoke reluctantly at the pandemic prevention and control meeting that night, saying that there were indeed loopholes in the local pandemic prevention policy.  He required that the relevant departments in charge of pandemic prevention rectify the problems existing in quarantine site management and community control.

A week ago, the Xi’an municipal government had publicly announced that the city had achieved “Social Zero” (i.e., zero infection case) in terms of pandemic prevention and control. However, according to many residents, the so-called “Social Zero” policy was a false act of the local government “covering their ears to steal a bell” (literally means “self-deception”).  Sure enough, 13 new cases were found in a single day less than a week after the announcement, which is undoubtedly another heavy blow to the official “Social Zero” policy.

At the meeting, Liu Guozhong proposed again that pandemic prevention policies should be stringent and meticulous to achieve the goal of zero infection case as soon as possible. Some informed sources commented that they do not know how many innocent people will be forced to move to quarantine sites, but Xi’an’s pandemic prevention policy has become a farce.

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