General Keane Analyzes Why the CCP Sent Troops to Kazakhstan

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Maverick

On January 11th, American Four-star General Jack Keane said in an interview with Fox host Maria, that what is surprising about the situation in Kazakhstan is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has changed its decade-old attitudes of standing still and announced that it will send law enforcement forces into Kazakhstan.

General Keane analyzed that the CCP sent troops for two purposes. First, to ensure the economic interests of Kazakhstan; and second, to suppress Muslims in Kazakhstan (which is adjacent to the Xinjiang region). These are all manifestations of the CCP’s deliberate influence in Central Asia.

The general also pointed out that at the same time as the Kazakhstan incident, the CCP transferred Peng Jingtang (the former chief of staff of the People’s Armed Police’s Xinjiang Headquarters) to the commander of the troops stationing in Hong Kong; revealing the CCP’s determination to further suppress Hong Kong and take away the city’s rule of law and democracy. It also shows that all the measures of suppression that have occurred will be fully imitated and carried out in Communist China, suppressing all voices and behaviors that oppose the CCP government. All of the above indicate that the CCP has made a major shift in its foreign policy.

Maria concluded that the CCP’s action in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Kazakhstan will also take place in Tibet and Taiwan in the future, which will also make the world see the CCP’s ambitions and wickedness more clearly.

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