U.S. Supreme Court’s Verdict Marks the Braking On Vaccine Mandate, The Truth On The Vaccine Crisis Behind the Curtain is About To Be Revealed

Translated by MOS Business Team – Ann


In his live broadcasting on Jan 14 2022, Mr. Miles Guo emphasized that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate is of great significance, marking a major reversal on the policy of mandatory vaccination worldwide.

Mr. Guo revealed that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) has made great efforts and contributions to support U.S. Supreme Court’s decision-making process, by providing data for tracing the CCP virus’s origin and detail information on mRNA vaccine. Unvaccinated brothers-sisters-in-arms of the NFSC are the biggest beneficiaries of this verdict.

Mr. Guo emphasized that U.S. Supreme Court’s verdict is a law rather than an executive order, and all issues in a rule of law society must be handled in accordance with the law. Once the U.S. Supreme Court makes a judgment, it will irreversibly make everything related to mandatory vaccination to be re-examined and inspected. Vaccine policies around the world have begun to slow down, and the truth on the vaccine crisis behind the curtain is about to be revealed.



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