The Chinese Communist Party Spending Yet More Billions To Buy Yet More Political Influence

Jan. 14th, 2022

According to a story in The Mail Online on January 13th, 2022, it talks about allegations that a suspected Chinese spy has donated more than £500,000 to a senior Labour MP in Britain appear to fit part and parcel with Beijing’s modus operandi, using its billions in cash to buy political influence across the planet. Barry Gardiner, who was a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, received donations from Christine Ching Kui Lee mainly to cover staffing costs in his office over a period of six years and employed her son as his diary manager.

MI5 took the rare step of issuing MPs and peers with a warning today about Miss Lee’s cultivating of British politicians to secure a ‘UK political landscape’ that was ‘favourable’ to China’s authoritarian government. It has been known for a long time now that the British Labour Party are a set of ‘champagne socialists’ and even one member namely Dianne Abbot MP actually said that Chairman Mao “wasn’t all that bad”.

In recent years, Beijing’s ruthless bid for world power has seen the Communist Party make more aggressive interventions in the internal affairs of smaller and often poorer sovereign states in Latin America and the Caribbean. China last month struck deals with a string of countries across Latin America to build up ‘civilian’ nuclear technology, develop space programmes and build 5G mobile networks which the US says could be used to spy on millions of people.

The communist regime has a shameful past of lending massive amounts of money to poorer countries for so-called infrastructure projects in a bid to put the country in a debt trap with no means to re-pay the debt, obviously, there is always a clause should repayments not be met, these clauses are for that poor country to give away ports, buildings, airports and land in payment. The disgraceful politicians don’t really care as they have all been paid off with billions of dollars that were meant to be for these so-called infrastructure projects.

Beijing has even pledged to build schools and fund classes teaching Chinese language and ‘culture’, though such institutions have been criticised elsewhere for pushing state propaganda and limiting academic freedom. According to Mateo Haydar, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation, China has ambitions to become ‘the dominant influence in Latin America’. Meanwhile, Beijing has invested more than £685billion across 42 Commonwealth member states since 2005. Security experts argue that by ploughing huge sums of money into countries such as Barbados and Jamaica, the Chinese government hopes to saddle them with such big unpayable debts that they are forced to hand over the assets used as security.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said it is ‘deeply concerning’ the Chinese Communist Party was targeting British parliamentarians. However, anti-China hawks in the Conservative Party have long warned of China’s growing influence in Britain — from its attempt to build the UK’s 5G network to its infiltration of universities and involvement in the Hinkley Point nuclear power station. More recently, Tory backbenchers including Sir Iain Duncan Smith have condemned Beijing’s international behaviour including its treatment of the Uighur Muslim population of Xinjiang province, suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, intimidation of Taiwan, and alleged cover-up of the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

But while greedy naive politicians are all out for filling their pockets with dirty Chinese money this will not be ending any time soon.

For more information about this story simply click the link: How Beijing uses its billions to buy political influence around the world: From £685bn invested in the Commonwealth, building 5G ‘spy’ networks to ‘take-overs’ through Latin America and Africa… as China’s British ‘spy’ is revealed

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