Miles Guo’s 15th Jan 2022 Broadcast Highlights Summary

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US Supreme Court has blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate on Thursday that requires workers to be either vaccinated or masked and tested weekly. Chinese whistle movement has contributed to this court case by providing evidence showing harmful effects of mRNA vaccine. Since vaccination is no longer obligatory for employees, any vaccine mandates now lose their legal ground. Hopefully, other nations will follow the path, and this could be the beginning of the turning point for vaccine mandates all over the world. United States judicial system is evidence-based and the reversal of this vaccine mandate suggests that the vaccines are unsafe and should be further investigated. If these Covid vaccines are finally understood by the public, big pharmaceutical companies’ final judgement day will be numbered.

Most people who tested positive for Covid are also vaccinated. Vaccinated people are now mostly responsible for spreading Covid. Both Covid virus and Covid vaccines are bioweapons masterminded by CCP. The purpose of this virus is to introduce the vaccine. Since Covid is a bioweapon, all people, vaccinated or not, should take cautious measures to avoid infection. Avoiding social gatherings is the most effective way to prevent us from the virus. 

Federal Reserve used to be against all forms of digital currencies as the concept is seen as a threat to the US fiscal monetary system. However, the United States is now showing signs of accepting digital currencies if the currencies are under favourable conditions/restrictions to the Fed.  In fact, Federal Reserve is already planning its own form of digital currency.

94% of Bitcoin are held by 6% of its customers, and much of this 6% is related to CCP. Bitcoin price is manipulated by this small group of people who own most of Bitcoin.

Binance, a cryptocurrency trading platform active in the United States, is totally CCP controlled. Binance is currently facing many lawsuits for scamming customers. If Binance’s founder Zhao Changpeng is to die one day, none of Binance users will be able to take their money back. It is totally possible for CCP to murder Zhao in order to steal all of Binance’s money. Binance simply has no future.

CCP has been warning and ordering other countries not to support the New Federal States of China (NFSC), and to block G-TV, G-News and Himalaya Exchange. This is a clear sign that NFSC has already struck fear into the heart of CCP. More than 3000 whistle-blowers of NFSC had successfully received Political Asylum status in the United Kingdom. Other successful Political Asylum applications include> 50 cases in Spain, > 100 cases in Germany and countless cases in the United States. This is proof that countries are now recognising NFSC as the legit representative for China.

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