Weekly of the CCP Virus and Vaccine Injury Information Collection of Highlights

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From January 4 to 11, 2022, there were more than 18 million new confirmed cases of the CCP virus worldwide, excluding communist China, an increase of 46.7% from last week. There were more than 46,000 new deaths this week, an increase of 9.35% from last week. As of the 11th of this month, a total of 6.75 billion doses of the CCP virus vaccine has been around worldwide, excluding communist China, an increase of 3.05% from last week.

This week, the epidemic situation in communist China has become more and more serious: following Xi’an and Yuzhou, Anyang in Henan Province began to close the city on the 10th, and Hua County, in Henan Province also temporarily closed the county for management the next day. Since the first confirmed case of Omicron in Tianjin on the 9th, prevention and control measures for immigrants from Tianjin have been issued in many places within mainland China. At the same time, Tianjin has also started the second round of nucleic acid testing for all people. At present-day, Beijing has strictly controlled the entry and exit of people from other places, and Guangdong Province has even introduced the absurd policy of “one case of close contact, immediately closing the building”.

Internationally, countries’ frenzied mandatory of the CCP virus vaccine policies continues: French President Macron said that he would vigorously promote universal vaccination, even claiming that “without vaccination, you don’t love France”. Italy has further pushed its vaccine policy. Italian residents over the age of 50 are required to be fully vaccinated, otherwise, they will be banned from non-essential public facilities. At the same time, the chief executive of Australia’s Northern Territory also announced that travel restrictions will be implemented for unvaccinated people in the region.

Ironically, a number of Western politicians who have been vaccinated with the CCP virus vaccine booster have been infected by the CCP virus in succession this week, including Austrian Prime Minister Neham, U.S. Representative Cortes, Nancy Mays, and others.

In addition, Pfizer’s CEO finally admitted in an interview that the vaccine has very limited ability to prevent infection, but they will continue to push for launching a new version of the vaccine to the market.

In terms of virus tracing and prevention: The U.S. Congress has released more emails from Anthony Fauci, whose content shows that Fauci is suspected of deliberately covering up and continuing to suppress information about the source of the virus. The American non-profit news organization “Integrity Project” also clearly pointed out in an exposed report that the CCP virus is the result of artificial modification under “gain-of-function research”, and that mRNA vaccines actually do more harm than good. 

The report also mentions the effectiveness of early treatment drugs such as hydroxychloroquine sulfate and ivermectin in preventing infection and effectively curbing the deterioration of the disease in the early stage of infection, but this information has been ignored and covered up by relevant agencies.

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Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1859550/

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