Miles Broadcasting 1.14 US Supreme Court Ruling Marks End of Vaccine Mandate—Truth of Vaccine Crisis will be Exposed

Written by: 大浪小水花
Translated by: billwilliam

Image: GTV & GETTR

As Mr. Miles Guo emphasized during his live broadcast on January 14, 2022, the US Supreme Court’s ruling to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate has great significance, marking a major reversal in the global policy of vaccine mandate.

Mr. Guo revealed that the New Federal State of China made tremendous efforts and contributions to the Supreme Court ruling, and the major progress is because the New Federal State of China provided data on the origin of Covid virus and detailed information on mRNA vaccines. Being unvaccinated, fellows of the New Federal State of China benefit the most. 

Mr. Guo emphasized that the US Supreme Court ruling is a law rather than executive order, as everything must be done according to the law in a society with rule of the law. Once the Supreme Court hands down a ruling, this will irreversibly trigger re-examination and reviews on everything related to vaccine mandate. As countries worldwide begin to press the brake on vaccine mandate, the shroud over the truth of vaccine crisis is being exposed.

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