Miles has three guarantees for comrades-in-arms in China who want to buy Hcoin

Miles Guo

Don’t go to the bank to send money just because you want to buy Hcoins, because nine out of ten, the police will be after you

it would rather not buy coins and not to get yourself into trouble, be sure to do KYC in a safe situation with a remittance guarantee
It is best to find comrades-in-arms for helping you to do KYC, we have a lot of comrades-in-arms in Asia now

Japan’s Ark Farm, Galaxy Farm, Cherry Blossom Farm

and our Tianchi Farm in South Korea, they all can help, including the Farm in Singapore

If not, keep in touch with all the comrades-in-arms we met on the grand broadcast

make sure your payment is safe before going to do KYC, this is one

Second, comrades-in-arms, I want to tell you that comrades-in-arms in China

the coins you buy that I always promise you three things, Miles will take all responsibility, and no one will take your personal information

If they take it away, I will always be responsible, second, no matter what the Communist Party does

they can’t take any of your coins, and I will take the responsibility if your coins were taken away

The third one, after you buy the coins, if you lose money, Miles will be responsible, you can only earn, not lose

You can only earn, not lose, here’s what Miles promises you for the comrade-in-arms in China

Thank you

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Original Video Title:Miles has three guarantees for comrades-in-arms in China who want to buy Hcoin
Original Video Date:2022/01/09
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