Broadcast|The British MI6’s Rare Response to the CCP Official Media Ridicule Short Film

By: MOS Education Team — Freedom166k

Taiwanese media reported on January 7th that the Chinese Communist Party’s official Xinhua News Agency posted a mocking short film on Twitter a few days ago, mocking the 007 spy film based on the British MI6. In response, Richard Moore, the director of MI6, said that he thanked the CCP for its free publicity, but attached a link to a speech warning the CCP. Moore said some time ago that since the rise of the CCP continuously threaten the world, the only priority of MI6 is to target the CCP. He also warned about debt traps, data monitoring, and political coercion that the CCP may bring.  The official media of the CCP released this mocking short film, intended to slap Moore in the face.

Moore said in his speech that the CCP is trying to distort the global public discourse and political decision-making. The CCP is an autocratic country with very different values, and it is transferring the means and technology to suppress Uyghurs and Hong Kong democrats to other countries. Moore emphasized that British intelligence personnel operate undetected as a secret intelligence agency everywhere within the worldwide surveillance web and surveillance technology manufactured by the CCP, also hoping that other countries will have a clear understanding of his warnings.

Article: The British MI6’s Rare Response to the CCP Official Media Ridicule Short Film

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