COVID Virus is a Powerful Tool for the CCP to Implement Grid-based Management

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – laplace33

In a live broadcast on January 12, Miles Guo talked about how the Chinese Communist Party is using the CCP virus to impose a harsh five-prong approach to harnessing the people within mainland China.

Miles broke the news that discussions within the CCP began as early as last year on how to use the CCP virus and vaccine on a deeper level to make society within the Communist China more manageable. Among other things, Wang Huning suggested that the opportunity presented by the virus should be firmly seized and implemented as a policy of grid-based management domestically.

Miles said that by using the epidemic blockade policy, the people inside the mainland usually have to choose to live at home. If they go outside, they have to be monitored by the CCP’s police. From than on, the Chinese people will be in a permanent state of servitude. Miles added that this “grid-based” management policy has now been implemented in Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Hebei, and Tianjin.

Miles also explained that the CCP is targeting these areas because the majority of its troops are stationed in these areas. Because the Winter Olympics will be held in one of these areas, the stability of these provinces and cities will determine the life and death of the Communist Party.

Miles mentioned that the CCP would use the police and army to build a human protective wall. Any individuals who did not comply would be poisoned to death. Moreover, the policy would soon be implemented nationwide.

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