GT Online: Human Rights Report – The Communist Party’s Blistering Destruction of Human Rights in Hong Kong

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The world human rights organization Human Rights Watch released its 32nd consecutive World Human Rights Report on Jan. 13. The section on China covers 14 items, including  human rights activists, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, mass surveillance and the Chinese Communist virus in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet.

In 2021, the Chinese Communist Party doubled its oppression at home and abroad.The National Security Law in Hong Kong has destroyed human rights protections and civil liberties in Hong Kong. Many democrats have been arbitrarily arrested and detained. The semi-democratic system has become a “rubber-stamp institution,” with “electoral system reform” stipulating that only those loyal to the Communist Party can be elected to the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Dozens of civil society organizations in Hong Kong have announced their dissolution. The authorities suppressed freedom of the press, forcing several media outlets to close. This is also reflected in the censorship of online expression, academic freedom and art.   Hong Kong has been reduced to a new area under the control of the CCP, successfully implementing the goal of one country, one rule.

“Human Rights Watch” is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1978 as Helsinki Watch to investigate and promote human rights issues. It produces studies on international human rights violations based on widely accepted human rights standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In July 2021, the Chinese Communist Party announced sanctions against six individuals, including Sophie Richardson, the director of HRW’s China division.

 Source: 世界人权报告 2022 | 人权观察 (

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