The CCP’s Mode of Controlling Slaves

That is [how] the CCP in different regions implement different strategies, making you unable to die nor having a good life. This is the core of the 5 tactics of reigning the people.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】 2022.1.12 The CCP’s Mode of Controlling Slaves


That is [how] the CCP in different regions implement different strategies. In the northeast of China, they make you farm, make you ignorant. If you die, just bury under the ground. They make the Fujian population to face outwards. All the women work, and the men go abroad to build business. For those in foreign countries, just be illegal immigrants. Work for me, go to cook. For Hong Kong and Guangdong, earn foreign currencies, [Be] petty working guys and girls.

They pull up the home price to make it unaffordable for you. When you grow old, get back to your hometown. What about Tibet and Xinjiang? Grow cotton locally. Protect the local environment, be good slaves. If not, they kill you. Go pick me cordyceps. That is what is called rule by zone, rule by ethnicity. That is the reason which renders a person from the northeast having a lower than Grade 5 education level on average.

The CCP never organize free education in the northeast. Because if you all go to school, who is going to farm for me? Who supply me child labor? They never provide free education in Xinjiang, why? What if you get smarter and seek to destroy the CCP? Never do they provide [free education] in Tibet. Nor in Yunnan, (otherwise)who is to be my child labors? What do you want to learn?

Brothers and sisters, what the recent vaccine yields at last is the result of successfully fooling the people. You do whatever I ask you to. I am just for your benefit. I make you unable to die nor having a good life. This is the core of the 5 tactics of reigning the people. That is neither are you allowed to die, nor can you live well. Endless busyness exhausts your life. So that you can never look up nor inside your pants, just keep your heads down and work. That is the core, my brothers and sisters, all of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China can even rescue those in Hegang.

I don’t believe that we cannot emancipate the whole China. But as to destroying the CCP. The collective wish of the Chinese people is a condition in that all know that they are human beings and not animals. Another is a basic level of civilization. Even Japan, belittled by many,  invited Bodhisattvas from other countries 1000 years ago. What are we inviting now? We kill all the Bodhisattva on foreign soil destroy Jesus Christ and even God. Everybody in the world is our enemy. They never stop eradicating us. Only that “parents are never closer to us than the Party” is true. At the end, what this Party is now? The atheist party believes in God more than you. It is the god. The proletariat party is richer than everyone. A single member of them is wealthier than a country. Isn’t it ridiculous?

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