Gettr Brings Back a Rare Feature in Social Media – Freedom of Speech

Translated by:  MOS Gospel Term – happybird

A report by NBC News on January 10, mentions the ever-growing social media platform called Gettr.  Since its launch last year, Gettr has been propelled further into the spotlight being recognized as a platform of free speech for the public.  So many people around the world have been silenced by tech giants like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, hence the birth of Gettr.

Gettr has become widely known as the Twitter killer.  It was launched in July of last year, and from day one, its popularity has continued to soar, and gathering supporters very quickly.  Many celebrities and professionals are recent additions to the media platform.  Rogan and his millions of fans recently joined Gettr as the only social media to share and express different competing opinions.  The platform welcomes all people with different political views to join in with lively debates.  CEO Miller proudly states that Gettr represents the great awakening of public opinion, and also provides the protection from today’s Cancel Culture.

It turns out that Twitter and other tech giants not only blatantly use their double-standards to flag its users as “offensive speech,” but also ban movements that are against their narratives and agendas.  Moreover, not only is dogmatism the forefront of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, they are also equally judged by their bigoted political stances.  In the end, all their struggles will only raise Gettr to the heights of our Himalayas.


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