【G-Hour News】The purpose of the booster vaccine is to maximize the spread of the spike protein!

Yangfan Farm, Vancouver, Canada ,Broadcast: Lili Li ,Video Production: Gracelshan

The purpose of the booster shot is to allow the vaccinated people to shed spike protein to the unvaccinated people,all COVID19 vaccines are designed to do this.

In Pfizer’s experimental documentation they do not allow any pregnant women to take their COVID19 vaccination,these ladies must have a pregnancy test before each shot, they are not allowed to be vaccinated if they are pregnant.

Pfizer says if a pregnant woman and a vaccinated person breathe the same air ,then, it is considered a serious adverse event for the pregnant woman and her child.

Why would they know it could be dangerous? Because through air exchange, when a vaccinated person breathes, coughs and sneezes it will actually spread the spike protein from the vaccine that was injected to the vaccinated person.
They’re spreading the spike protein to those around them.

These vaccines are designed to shed this protein from you to other people. They have successfully demonstrated this with mRNA vaccines and animals.They can vaccinate some animals and release them into the wild.
By shedding the spike protein, they are able to vaccinate the other animals

Only pharmaceutical companies know how long the spike protein shedding will last ,they are the only ones who know and when they talk in front of the media, they will tell you so please pay attention to what they say.

These vaccines are designed to vaccinate a certain group of people, because they know a lot of people will refuse taking this vaccine.

What they really mean is that we now know our vaccines can only shed maximum spike protein during this period of time, we have to roll out our booster shots now in order to carry out the plan which is mass vaccination of the entire world, they have to keep giving booster shots to people who have been vaccinated.

Hear from Pfizer Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, they will say in the media
,now we see people’s immunity weakened for some time, you need the booster shot.

When you hear Pfizer and Moderna say our immunity weakens in six months,
no, that’s not right, they meant that the spike protein shedding is waning off
,they need you to take the booster vaccine to continue shedding the spike protein.

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