1/14 Galaxy New: PM Kishida: 3rd Round Of Vaccinations For 55 Million People “Shortened To 6 Months As Much As Possible”; Taiwan’s TSMC To Build New Plant In Kumamoto

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1. CCP Virus (COVID-19) Infections Exceed 18,000, Increase of More than 5,000 People from the Previous Day

TBS reported that according to a summary by JNN, 18,860 new cases of CCP Virus (COVID-19) Infections have been confirmed on the 13th across Japan. Compared to the previous day (13,251), this is an increase of more than 5,000 people. This is the first time in about four months since September 2 last year (18,213) that the number of new infections per day exceeded 18,000. In Tokyo, 3,124 new cases and in Osaka, 2,452 cases have been confirmed. Okinawa Prefecture has announced a record number of 1,817 infected people. In addition, 11 other prefectures, including Hiroshima (805), Shiga (287), and Niigata (220), have reported a record number of cases.

2. PM Kishida: 3rd Round of Vaccinations For 55 Million People “Shortened to 6 Months as Much as Possible”

According to TBS on Jan 13, Prime Minister Kishida said in an exclusive interview with “news23”: “After March, we have been able to secure an additional 18 million doses of vaccine from Moderna. We would like to shorten it to 6 months as much as possible, with the cooperation of local governments.” For the elderly, the government will also “make every effort to shorten the interval from the second vaccination to six months” from the current seven months to one month earlier. 

3. Taiwan’s TSMC to Build New Plant in Kumamoto

NHK reported on Jan 13 that according to TSMC’s announcement, the amount of capital investment for the current year will be between $40 billion and $44 billion, much higher than last year’s record high of $30 billion. TSMC is expanding or building new factories in Arizona, the United States, Nanjing, CCP China, and Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, in addition to Taiwan, to meet growing global demand for semiconductors. This plant is aiming to start production by the end of the next year.

4. Tokyo: 20% of Bed Occupancy Rate “Anti-Infection Measures” 50% of “State of Emergency Declaration” to Be Inspected

According to NHK on Jan 13, in Tokyo, the hospital bed utilization rate at 13.7% as of Jan 12. Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to apply anti-infection measures to prevent the spread of the disease when the hospital bed utilization rate in Tokyo reaches 20% and to declare a state of emergency when the rate reaches 50%. It also clarified considering effective measures in cooperation with Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures.

5. Foreign Minister Hayashi: U.S. Troops in Japan May Have Contributed to the Spread of Corona Infection to Neighboring

According to Reuters, in a press conference at the Japan Press Club on the afternoon of Jan 13, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi expressed his view that the spread of the CCP virus (new coronavirus covid-19) infection in Okinawa and other areas cannot be denied and that the U.S. military may have contributed to it to surrounding areas. He reiterated that he is not considering a review of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement but stressed that he will consult closely with the U.S. side on preventing the spread of the infection.

6. FAST RETAILING Reports Record Earnings in the Quarter to November

According to NHK, Fast Retailing UNIQLO’s group financial results for the three months to November last year showed sales of 627.3 billion yen, up 1.2 percent from the same period a year earlier. In addition, the final profit increased 33% from the previous fiscal year to 93.5 billion yen, surpassing the level before the spread of the CCP Virus (COVID-19) infection and reaching a record high for this period. Domestic sales declined but the overseas business compensated for the revenue.

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