GT Online: Communist China Spent Huge Money to Bribe Russia, Turkey, and Iran to Attend the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics

Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed he will visit Communist China and attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, as reported by Sina on January 13, 2022. This is reportedly Putin’s sole foreign visit plan in 2022.

According to the news article, although a few Western countries such as the United States attempt to smear and slander the Beijing Winter Olympics through their own extreme actions and to exploit the Winter Olympics to isolate, suppress, and restrict China, the vast majority of countries have very correct understanding of the current situation. Many countries have expressed their support (to Communist China).

During a Foreign Ministry press conference on January 11, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin indicated that the Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Iran are invited to visit Communist China on January 12 and 14, respectively. The visits of so many foreign officials demonstrate Communist China has very good diplomatic relationships. 

In order to attract more countries to attend the Winter Olympics, Xi Jinping is willing to give away all kinds of bribes to foreign countries while waiving their debt to China. Communist China has given out as many as 12 trillion RMB—the wealth should belong to the Chinese people—to bribe foreign countries. These rogue countries all know that the Chinese Communist Party will soon collapse and only want to make some profit before the regime’s downfall.


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