Preventing Communist China’s Network Surveillance, Dutch Athletes Attend the Winter Olympics Without Bringing Their Own Cell Phones and Computers

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In an unprecedented move, Dutch athletes participating in next month’s Winter Olympics in Beijing will need to leave their own cell phones and laptops at home to avoid spying activities of the Chinese Communist Party, according to local Amsterdam newspaper de Volkskrant reported on Tuesday, Reuters reported on Jan. 11.

The newspaper quoted sources from personnel closely involved in this matter, saying that the urgent advice to athletes and support staff not to bring any personal equipment to Communist China was part of a series of measures proposed by the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOCNSF) to deal with any possible interference from Communist China’s state-assigned workers.

NOCNSF spokesman Geert Slot said cybersecurity was part of the risk assessment made for the trip to Communist China, but declined to comment on any of its specific measures.

Slot said, “The importance of cybersecurity has grown over the years, but the China (Communist) has completely shut off its Internet, which makes the Winter Olympics a special case.”

Members of the Dutch team participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics will be equipped with new, unused equipment to protect their personal data information from surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party, the sources told De Volkskrant.

At least 30 Dutch athletes will participate in next month’s Winter Olympics in Beijing, mainly in the speed and short track speed skating events.



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