[NewS Gman] Defying the Internet Giants’ Suppression, Gettr Opens a New Era of Social Media

The future value of Gettr and GTV cannot be measured in monetary terms. The essence of the Gettr platform represent the new monetary method, which strive for liberation, the pursuing of freedom and upholding basic human rights.

Gettr is the first social media platform that does not profit from advertising through selling users’ data. Gettr’s reporting on the truth about the Chinese Communist Party virus (CCP Virus/Covid-19) and the vaccine represents life and justice.

The value of GETTR amd GTV is closely associated with finance, civil rights and faith. Gettr is the number one social platform that brings together freedom, finance, and civil rights.

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1851507/

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Editor: Maverick

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