Ultra Woke Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau To Tax The Unvaccinated

Jan. 13th, 2022


According to a story by CTV News on January 12th, 2022, it talks about the fact that Ultra Woke, Ultra Left, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “incentives and strong measures” have worked in the fight against COVID-19, weighing in on Quebec’s proposed tax on unvaccinated residents. Speaking to reporters recently during a pandemic update, Trudeau said Ottawa is reviewing Quebec’s plan to penalise those without a medical exemption with a financial levy “with interest” and is awaiting more details from the province. “As we’ve said, incentives and strong measures, whether it’s vaccine passports, whether it’s requirements for travellers, whether it’s the requirement for public servants to be fully vaccinated, we have taken very strong measures in the past and they have worked in terms of keeping Canadians safe,” he said.

Trudeau said the province assured the federal government that the key principle of the Canada Health Act – that everyone has equal access to health care without financial or other barriers – would be respected. Well this is all well and good but what about freedom of choice, what about freedom of speech if you disagree with all of this, and what about freedom to decide if you put an experimental vaccine into your body to protect yourself against a virus with a 99% survival rate.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos added to the prime minister’s remarks, noting that vaccine mandates have proven effective. This again is not necessarily true the vaccine mandates have been forced upon people so how can they be termed as effective when they have been against the will of the majority of citizens.

“On vaccine mandates, the keyword here is benevolence. Both the language and the actions are there and designed to protect people. This is a severe disease, we want people to be protected against it… No one, I believe, is thinking or certainly speaking of forcibly, physically vaccinating people in Canada,” he said. Again this is all political gesturing and talking absolute rubbish. There is absolutely no benevolence or kindness or thoughtfulness about it, it has all been about power, control and obviously keeping big pharma happy.

How could a so-called caring liberal government even think about taxing a group of people that for whatever reason do not want a relatively untested, rushed-to-market and still experimental vaccine injected into their and their family’s bodies, this is making Trudeau and his pathetic government look like the power-mad communists that they really are.

For more information regarding this story simply click the link: Quebec’s tax on unvaccinated: Trudeau says ‘strong measures’ have worked

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