Residents Of Xi’an Mainland China Have Their Doors Sealed To Keep Them Inside Because Of Covid Outbreak

Jan. 13th, 2022

Staff members wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) spray disinfectant outside a shopping mall in Xi’an, China, on Jan. 11, 2022. (STR/AFP via Getty Images)

According to a story by The Epoch Times on January 11th, 2022, it talks about how the communist Chinese authorities have sealed residents’ homes in the city of Xi’an because of a COVID-19 outbreak but didn’t arrange for a reliable food supply, residents now say after being forcibly locked down for almost three weeks, they have almost run out of basic food and are on the edge of a mental breakdown.

The Chinese regime has claimed that the outbreak in Xi’an has been under control since January 5th, however, the regime has upgraded some of its control measures, although some Xi’an residents still weren’t able to leave their homes as of January 11th. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with the CCP virus or not all doors are being sealed to keep everyone inside, typical totalitarian regime tactics of massively over-reacting to a virus with over a 99% survival rate.

College students in Xi’an have been locked down in their dorms since late December 2021, and they aren’t allowed to leave the building, let alone go home, even though some of their homes are in the city. “We have six people sharing one room, we stay in our twin-over-twin bunk beds for most of the time during the day,” Fu Hua (a pseudonym) told the Chinese-language Epoch Times on January 8th. “We study different majors and have different class schedules. We take online classes at the dorm, and we can’t avoid interfering with each other as we are constantly surrounded by each other.”

When people are too frightened to speak out using their real names you know there is a problem, the brutal dictatorship punishes and even imprisons anyone that says anything about any sort of hardship or over-reaction by the authorities. I wonder if we will get to see any of this during the Beijing Winter Olympics or will the communist regime not even mention it, I think we know the answer to this. How can the International Olympic Committee (IOC) give communist China the privilege to host the games when they treat their own citizens like this, I think when the dust has settled many investigations will take place not least of the obviously corrupt IOC.

For more information about this story please click the link: Chinese Authorities Seal Residents’ Doors in COVID-Hit Xi’an, Depriving Them of Food Supplies

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