Broadcast| World Tennis Star Denied Entry into Australia due to vaccine exemption

By: Singapore Farm — Tracy

On January 5th, Novak Djokovic, the world`s leading men’s tennis player was denied entry at Melbourne airport by Australian border officials. Djokovic has publicly criticized mandatory vaccines. Local officials claimed Djokovic`s CCP virus vaccine exemption did not meet the criteria set by the Australian government. 

Djokovic then stated that his CCP virus vaccine exemption is obtained from a medical group of immunologist, epidemiologists, and general practitioners, which also met the conditions set by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization. However, when Djokovic arrived at the Melbourne airport, he was ushered into isolation room under police guard awaiting entry clearance. The Victorian government ultimately refused to sponsor Djokovic`s visa.

As confirmed by border officials, Djokovic`s visa has now been cancelled, and he will be deported on day 6th. It is reported that Serbian president urgently summoned its ambassador to Australia. After failing to change the current situation, the Serbian president stated all Serbians are with the player Djokovic.

Article: World Tennis Star Denied Entry into Australia due to vaccine exemption

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