1/13/2022 Financial News in China: CCP Propaganda China’s Economic Daily: Living on a Tighter Budget Life Can Not Just Shout Slogans/ China’s Actual Use of Foreign Investment In 2021 Exceeds 1.1 Trillion Yuan, Hitting Another Record High

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1.China’s Actual Use of Foreign Investment In 2021 Exceeds 1.1 Trillion Yuan, Hitting Another Record High

Data released today by the CCP Ministry of Commerce show that in 2021, the scale of actual foreign investment used in China exceeded 1.1 trillion yuan, hitting a new record high, with the scale and quality of investment attraction doubly improved.

In 2021, the country’s actual use of foreign investment amounted to 114.96 billion yuan, an increase of 14.9% year-on-year, achieving double-digit growth. High-tech industries have seen faster growth, with actual foreign investment in use up 17.1% year-on-year, including 10.7% growth in high-tech manufacturing and 19.2% growth in high-tech services.

Comment: China’s decoupling from the world economy is underway, China is returning to a planned economy, foreign investment is withdrawing, where did these figures come from?

2.CCP Propaganda China’s Economic Daily: Living on a Tighter Budget Life Can Not Just Shout Slogans

The central economic work conference stressed that the party and government organs should adhere to the tightening of life. Recently, the two meetings around the world have been held, the party and government organs to live a tight life, strict control of the operating costs of the organs have also become a topic of great concern. In recent years, the central government has repeatedly highlighted this requirement in the deployment of work, showing that tight living must be persistent. Hard work, diligence and frugality are traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and a fine tradition of our Party. In 2021, China’s GDP will exceed one trillion yuan for the second year in a row, and although the family is “big”, the tradition of hard work, thrift and frugality cannot be lost.

Comment: One of the Communist Party’s Jiang Zemin family is rich in overseas assets. Yet they are making life tight for the Chinese people. The purpose is not to “kill the rich to help the poor” again, in fact, is to plunder your wealth. The intelligence of whistleblower movement has been validated once again.

3.CCP’s Ministry of Commerce: We Hope the U.S. Can Create a Good Atmosphere and Conditions for China and The U.S. To Expand Trade Cooperation

Jan. 13 – The essence of China-U.S. economic and trade relations is mutual benefit and win-win, and I hope the U.S. side can create a good atmosphere and conditions for both sides to expand trade cooperation; the economic and trade teams of China and the U.S. currently maintain normal communication, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokeswoman Shuang Jue-ting said Thursday. She said at a Commerce Department press conference and said that since the U.S.-China economic and trade agreement came into effect, China has worked hard to overcome multiple adverse effects from the impact of the epidemic, the global recession and supply chain disruptions to promote joint implementation by both sides.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Monday called on the Biden administration to seek more international trade agreements and articulate a coherent strategy to compete and cooperate with China, marking a shift from the Chamber’s past calls for lower tariffs.

Comment: This news reveals that there is a trend of easing trade between China and the United States, which verifies the accuracy of the information of whistleblower movement: there will be easing of trade between China and the United States, and even the United States will cancel tariffs.

4.Sunac China’s Second Share Placement in Two Months, With Half of the HK$4.5 Billion Proceeds Used To Repay Loans

Chinese property developer – Sunac China 1918.HK – said Thursday it intends to place HK$4.5 billion in shares on an old-then-new basis, with half of the funds to be used to repay loans. It is the company’s second share placement in two months to raise funds.

According to the announcement, Sunac China entered into a placing and subscription agreement on Wednesday to place 452 million placement shares at HK$10 each on a fully underwritten basis through placement agent Morgan Stanley, and the family trust of majority shareholder and company chairman Sun Hongbin agreed to subscribe for an equal number of new shares at the same price.

Sunac China indicated that it intends to use approximately 50% of the net proceeds from the Subscription for general working capital and approximately 50% for loan repayment.

Comment: The Ponzi scheme continues.

5.Dingdong Buyer: Up To 50% Layoffs in Core Departments

Recently, there are rumors that “Dingtone has already started a major layoff”, “core departments will be cut by up to 50%”, “purchasing 50%, algorithm 30%, operations 30%, and recruitment 10%-20%”, and “forced layoffs for front-end service station employees. “, and “forced to give the front warehouse service station employees to schedule a break”.

On January 13, Dingdong Buyer told Firstrade that the above news is untrue and is malicious speculation without factual basis and rigorous data sources. “Individual job changes are normal organizational resource adjustments of the company, and the recruitment needs of some positions are being released normally, and the business is all running normally at the moment. At the same time, there is no compulsory unpaid rest for front-line positions, and the work will be reasonably adjusted according to the work situation of the site, especially the will and work intensity of employees.

Comment: In China, the real news is often these so-called rumors.

6.CCP Ministry of Commerce: We Will Further Guide Localities to Strengthen the Docking of Local Development And RCEP

On January 1, 2022, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) officially entered into force.

At the 13th in a regular briefing, the spokesperson of the CCP Ministry of Commerce, Jue Ting Shuang, told the First Financial Reporter that in order to help enterprises make better use of RCEP, the Ministry of Commerce will work with relevant departments to continue to provide good guidance and services, strengthen training for enterprises, especially increase training for small and medium-sized enterprises and the central and western regions; continuously improve the function of the China Free Trade Zone Service Network to provide enterprises with timely, high-quality information and consulting services.

Comment: How can the Chinese people wake up when all the dirty deeds done behind the scenes by the Chinese Communist Party are covered up by this whitewash news?

7.CCP General Administration of Market Supervision: Targeted and Strict Regulatory Measures for Enterprises with High Credit Risk

January 13, the General Administration of Market Regulation issued “on the promotion of enterprise credit risk classification management to further enhance the effectiveness of regulatory opinions”, the views put forward, strive to use about three years, the market supervision system to fully implement enterprise credit risk classification management, effective monitoring and early warning of enterprise credit risk, efforts to achieve early detection of risk, early warning, early disposal. Opinions require the exploration and improvement of new industries and new modes of supervision. For enterprises with high credit risk, to take targeted and strict regulatory measures to prevent the risk of hidden problems evolved into regional and industry-specific outstanding problems.

Comment: In China, the Chinese Communist Party is a group of robbers, the so-called market regulation means you have problems, you have problems, I can legally rob your wealth, the Chinese people will never be able to read this news.

8.Shanghai Composite Index Closes Down 1.2% to an Eight-Week Low

China’s Shanghai Composite Index closed lower on Thursday and hit an eight-week low. The consumer sector led the market lower as China’s outbreak repeated and the market worried that prevention and control measures were dragging down consumer sentiment.

The Shanghai Composite Index. SSEC closed down 1.2 percent at 3,555.26, compared with a previous closing low of 3,520.71 on Nov. 18, 2021. The CSI300.CSI300 closed 1.6 percent lower. The Shenzhen GEM index closed 1.7% lower and the SSE CSI 50 constituent index closed 1.7% lower.

Comment: The Chinese Communist Party’s tactics of fooling the people are really used to perfection. Who would have thought that its stock market was fake if the revolution had not revealed that it was computerized?

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