China CDC Expert calling for 100% booster shot

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Angelina

It was reported by CCP media on Jan 10, Chinese CDC expert Wu Zunyou said in public that the booster shot rate should be increased to 100% in order to gain herd immunity.

There were 20 reported confirmed Omicron cases in Tianjin on Jan 10, which was the highest officially reported daily cases in China. Upon this, Wu Zunyou argued that everyone in China should be vaccinated, and everyone should get booster shots as well. He pointed out that the virus has been mutating continuously, which ‘discounted ’herd immunity, but CCP-made vaccines should achieve the so-called ‘anti-discount ’effect.

As to what is “anti-discount”, Wu Zunyou explained that after booster shots, antibody level will increase, and the ability to prevent infection should reach the expected 80%, thus gaining back the ‘discount’ of herd immunity against CCP virus, and improving CCP virus prevention.

However people on the internet do not buy this concept, they are questioning that the vaccination rate in  Xi’an and Tianjin is as high as 90%, still defeated by surging cases. That just shows the “anti-discount theory” is pure fabricated lies in front of facts.

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