Professor at Beijing University Confident that the CCP will Replace the United States as the World Leader before 2030

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Grace

On January 11-12th, the “2022 NetEase Economist Annual Conference” jointly sponsored by the China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association, NetEase Finance, and NetEase Research Bureau, was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Yao Yang, Dean of the National Institute of Development Studies at Beijing University, said with confidence that between 2028 to 2030 the CCP will surpass the United States and become the world’s largest economic superpower. Shenzhen is expected to replace Silicon Valley, becoming the world’s innovation center.

There are two reasons why this Beijing University Professor is so confident: According to him, Firstly, the CCP will once again becomes the world largest country attracting foreign investments, and will return to the frontline of the world technology (Especially in AI), (Such as what happened previously in the North Song Dynasty). Secondly, the CCP will form a seven major urban circle, which will concentrate 60%-70% of its population. As long as there is a process of urbanization, capital accumulation will not stop, and the economy will continue to grow. Therefore, with the capital and the technology, adding with half of the urban population of over 600 million people as slaves, this so-called expert is very confident that the CCP will surpass the United States with 3-5 years.  

At the moment in Communist China the pandemic is raging, people are living in poverty, and economic disasters can be seen everywhere. This group of scholars are talking about how beautiful the future of the CCP’s economy is. The degree of shameless is jaw-dropping. The so-called economic experts raised by the CCP are only tools. However, under all kinds of exquisite packaging, they can confuse many people, including the elite, using economic terms that many ordinary people do not understand. They themselves may not believe the CCP’s claim to be the world Leader soon; but these experts and elites has been brainwashed into believing that the CCP “should” be the world leader, and they hope to become the beneficiaries of an authoritarian society, and even be proud to harvest wealth from the less developed countries. This shows how the CCP manipulated all of the Chinese people’s mind.  

All over the world, good people have a scale in their hearts. People with a sense of justice will not allow a dictatorship to lead the world. The CCP’s desire to become the world’s largest economy in 2030 will not succeed. With all the anti-CCP forces (such as The New Federal State of China) working together, the CCP will be taken down for sure.   

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