Miles Guo’s 12th Jan 2022 Broadcast Highlights Summary

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When Isobel Yueng was at the 6th Jan 2021 capitol attack as a reporter, she chose to focus her interview on Chinese protesters. Usually, when a big TV media such as HBO does public filming, it needs to prepare things such as equipment and camera operators many days in advance. This shows that Isobel Yueng’s interview was pre-planned for some time. The documentary tried to suggest that the Chinese have a connection with QAnon. In reality, QAnon was a trap planted by CCP and leftists. QAnon’s purpose was to mislead and misinform Trump’s and anti-CCP supporters. There will be more such QAnon incidents in the future. HBO and Wall Street have always been smearing Miles ever since he arrived in the United States for political asylum. Isobel’s documentary’s motives are to stir anti-Chinese sentiments and label the Chinese whistleblower movement as a cult.

A recent video surfacing in social media showed a Canadian woman slurring angry remarks saying the Chinese are responsible for the pandemic. There will be many more of such anti-Chinese/anti-Asian videos in the future. The western world must understand that the CCP wishes for and benefits most from these acts of racism. The CCP believes that Westerners’ hatred will put fear in many Asians, pushing them over to the CCP side, and the CCP can continue its hypocritical pretence of showing concern. It is all about creating us vs them mentality. One must see beyond all these and understand that the current calamity is the doings of a small group of people, and if this small group is destroyed, all madness will cease.

Bitcoin is a tool for the CCP to launder money, and UBS bank is the main helper to whitewash the CCP’s dirty money. Much of this money was used by Wang Qishan and Gao Yanyan to invest and control the Blackstone Group. Blackstone was a stepping-stone in infiltrating into American society.

Wang Qishan, vice president of China, has been channeling an untold amount of money to Bridgewater Associates, an investment firm founded by Ray Dalio. In addition, Ray Dalio has been helping the CCP in promoting communist ideologies such as shared prosperity. Anyone familiar with communism will know shared prosperity means sharing everyone’s wealth with the autocrats, while the autocrats aren’t obliged to do the same for the commoners. Ray Dalio is also one of the people behind HBO VICE’s documentary to smear the Chinese whistleblower movement.

Many people in the past did not believe that CCP wanted to export communism to the entire world, but more people are waking up during these current crazy times of vaccine mandates. The CCP working together with a group of influential global conspirators, wants to enslave the entire world to benefit the selected few.

Nephrite jade, the material used for the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals, is not a rare gemstone, contradicting what the CCP had said. Nephrite is abundant in Russia, western China, and China’s western neighbours, such as Kazakhstan. Now we know that the silver in these medals was replaced by such a common fragile marble-like stone. 

Jiang Zeming had given Kazakhstan a vast piece of land rich in Nephrite in exchange for the constant supply of money. Kazakhstan was to mine from the land and share a portion of the profit with the Jiang family. It is the Jiang family who controls the price of Nephrite jade. Now chairman Xi and the CCP wish to manipulate the price of another type of jade, the Kunlun jade.

The Jiang family had been buying influences from neighbouring western countries such as Kazakhstan and Tajikistan over the years. Therefore, when Shanghai Pact announced to the world that it carries the responsibility of maintaining peace over eastern Asia and the middle east and wishes to expand this peace over to eastern and western Europe, the CCP’s territorial ambition was exposed.

During the recent Kazakhstan’s protest, China has sent more troops than Russia to support the regime.

The CCP has been thinking of ways to use the pandemic as an opportunity to further control the Chinese. After all, the CCP hates to let a crisis goes to waste. Chinese were to be segregated more and be put through daily pointless Covid-19 testing. Their movement and freedom will be further restricted, their spirit will be further torn down, and their lives will be reduced to that of an animal. Once enough stress is induced, many of these people will only value their survival as the only important thing and become oblivious to the suffering of others, including those of friends and family.

Artemisinin consumed daily can have serious side effects. People who are using Artemisinin as a cure for vaccine poisoning should first consult a medical professional on the correct amount to take. Different people will have different tolerance and need for this medicinal herb.

The last broadcast summary was mistakenly stated that the CCP sacrifices 700 virgin boys and girls to Kunlun Mountain every year. However, these young people were to be sacrificed every 60 years, not every year. An exception was made after the Tiananmen protest in 1989, which spooked the CCP to perform an extra sacrificial ritual in between the 60 years gap.

Source: Miles Guo’s 12th Jan 2022 Broadcast

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