The authorities of Cyprus have found themselves in the middle of a serious, but also complicated case with political implications


The authorities of Cyprus have found themselves in the middle of a serious, but also complicated case with political implications.

These are, in fact, its parameters, so that there is talk of a dead end. This is because on the one hand, diplomatic relations with China are at stake, and on the other hand, there are political activists in the other camp who are being recognized by the United States.

The whole issue concerns the possible extradition of two Chinese nationals, a mother and a son, who obtained a permanent residence permit in the Republic and settled in the province of Paphos through an Investment Program.

On the 8th of last December (2021) they were arrested in Pegeia with a court warrant, on the basis of a red notice of Interpol. These two persons, whose names and their ages are not disclosed for security reasons, were wanted in their homeland. They are suspected of offenses related to financial / investment fraud, and according to the Chinese authorities took place in China in 2013.

At the present stage, the mother and her son are being held as inmates in the Central Prison until the Paphos District Court decides on the request of the Chinese authorities for their extradition. A decision that does not seem simple at all, taking into account all the parameters.

Agreement with L.D. Of China

There is a special agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the People’s Republic of China for the Extradition of Fugitives, which is in fact legal (see ratification Law of 2019 {Law 12 (III) / 2019.). It is also based on the good relations between the vast country and the Republic of Cyprus.

Political movement in the USA

The whole case, however, is complicated by other relevant facts and events. The two detainees are members and political activists of the New Federal State of China. This political movement, also known as the lobby, was created by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon, with the stated aim of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and consequently the Chinese government.

Founded on June 4, 2020 in New York, it calls itself the “exiled government” of China and is indirectly recognized by the United States.

Support from the FBI

In fact, at the end of 2020, the FBI formally expressed its dissatisfaction with similar persecution by the People’s Republic of China against Chinese living in the United States.

The director of the service’s office, Christopher Ray, on 28/10/2020 had made official statements saying among other things that the Chinese Communist Party would not be allowed to target Chinese living in the US and other countries, only “Because they are seen as a threat to the regime.”

Rule of Law Fundation letter to ministries

A letter that we hold and present is added to the whole scene. It was sent last Wednesday, January 5, by the Rule of Law Fundation to the Cypriot Ministry of Justice and Public Order, but also to the Ministry of Interior.

It is an activist organization also based in the USA (New York), and aims to serve the protection of human rights in the People’s Republic of China. As part of its activities, it has taken legal action against members of China’s ruling party (CCP).

The letter states that the woman arrested in Pegeia is a supporter and member of the Rule of Law Fundation since April 2020.

It is also noted that in fact the mother and her son are being persecuted for their political views and that the accusations are fabricated.

The agency’s director of operations, Alice Young, who also signed the letter, said: “China’s party, which we believe applies to the case of the two individuals.”

Ms. Yang also cites official statements by US regulators in support of her allegations.

The dilemma

Simply put, the Cypriot authorities are facing a dilemma. On the one hand there is the agreement with friendly China. On the opposite bank are organized groups operating under the auspices of the United States and calling for political persecution, raising the issue of human rights.

It should be noted that the Republic of Cyprus in the past has found itself in a difficult position in requests of the Russian Federation for extradition of citizens of the country. This is due to the fear of the conditions that these foreign nationals would face after their extradition.

“Grounds for political persecution”

The lawyer who took over the representation of the mother and her son, Efstathios K. Efstathiou, in his statements to “P” spoke of a political persecution: “because of my clients’ opposition to the New York-based political movement in the United States of America, which is fighting for the democratization of the People’s Republic of China.”

Granting international protection

It should be noted that another request for the extradition of a Chinese national has already been made on the basis of a special transnational agreement. The case is pending in the Larnaca District Court.

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