WHO Called on the Public to Step up Measures to Fight the Omicron Variant

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement that as the Omicron variant swept the globe, an all-time 9.5 million new cases were tallied during last week. This represented a 71% increase from the previous week, according to the Fox news headlines on Jan 6th. Nevertheless, WHO made it clear that the real number was underestimated on grounds of a backlog in testing around the year-end holidays.

In this regard, the WHO chief warned that although the Omicron variant seemed less severe than Delta and there was a decline in the weekly death counts, it did not mean that the Omicron should be categorized as mild. He emphasized that Omicron was hospitalizing and killing people just like the previous variants.

In addition, the WHO chief said in a regular news briefing that such a huge and rapid surge of new cases would overwhelm the healthcare systems worldwide and contribute to the global shortage of healthcare workers.

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s technical lead on CCP virus, called on the public to step up measures to fight the Omicron variant by means of ventilating rooms, maintaining proper physical distance and wearing masks properly. She emphasized that wearing a mask below chins was useless, only offering a false sense of security.

Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1840145/

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