VICE Media’s Interview With Miles Guo May Endanger Chinese People Abroad, And The Truth Behind The Scenes Explained – Part 8

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3.3. The CCP’s Crimes Against Chinese

3.3.1. Creating Racial Discrimination

In the released interview documentary broadcasted by VICE Media, they way they interview their subjects are in typical forms that project racism. It openly demonstrates the racism against brothers and sisters-in-arms and the New Federal State of China.

May I ask, do they dare to do this on Muslims? Do they dare to do this on Jews?

To our brothers and sisters-in arms of Whistleblower Movement and all Chinese people overseas, we actually no clue on what racial discrimination is about.

That’s because we literally do not that we have experienced racial discrimination.

We overseas Chinese are subject to racial discrimination mostly come from two sources. First, from the CCP; and second, from foreign media.

For foreign media, they do this out of their interest, as they receive order from the CCP. Especially for us, members of the New Federal State of China tend to experience the typical racial discrimination.

What makes them dare to presumptuously discriminate against the Chinese to such degree? That is because they hold a principle and philosophy. They feel tend to think that even if they slander and defame the Chinese, which is a nation perceived to be weak, cowardice and pathetic, they (the Chinese) will never fight back and not dare fight back.

Sadly, this is the general image of overseas Chinese in many countries around the world.

Despite overseas Chinese tend to have a reputation of being hard-working and tend to obey the local law, why do they still suffer racial discrimination? What is the root cause?

I’m telling everyone here that the truth is, the black hands of the CCP from behind.

Governments of all countries and nationalities around the world will instinctively safeguard the interests of their own ethnic groups, and protect the safety and rights of citizens of their own countries.

However, there is only one government; the Chinese Communist Party government, who has been vigorously hurting its own people and nation. It treats its own citizens like pigs and dogs, maltreating them just like they are slaves.

The CCP never really offer helps to the overseas compatriots, but only use them for its own benefits. There are only exploitation and plunder that will come from the CCP. The CCP has been recklessly encouraging its own citizens to hurt each other.

This is the Chinese nation and,

This is the government of the Chinese Communist Party.

Why? Because there is no other national government in the world that afraid of its own people more than its enemies than the CCP.

3.3.2. Instigating Racial Conflicts

This interview by VICE Media instigated hatred between the American and Chinese people. In turn, it threatens the relationship between the West and the CCP. 

3.4. What the CCP is Fear of?

The CCP has been mobilizing the entire country’s resources and institutions to frantically attack Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement. Why is that? The reason is very simple: it is because they are extremely terrified of Mr. Guo and the Whistleblower Movement.

The CCP has been hacking various platforms of the Whistleblower Movement that safeguard freedom of speech, such as such as GTV and GNews, and our social media Gettr, for hundreds of billions of times,

Because the CCP is afraid of their collusion with the global dark forces being revealed. They have been committing crimes everywhere around the world and to humanity. They are also understand very well that when their countless evil acts, the bad things that they are doing now, and their future conspiracies and plans are revealed to the world, what will be the consequences.

Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement are the only group of people in the world, who not only possess courage, but also have the intelligence about top-secret information inside the CCP. We have been enduring humiliation, huge threats and pressures from all directions, standing up and exposing the evil deeds of the CCP. We have absolute confident that we will eventually eliminate the CCP.

Therefore, the CCP is extremely frightened of our G-series media platforms.


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