VICE Media’s Interview With Miles Guo May Endanger Chinese People Abroad, And The Truth Behind The Scenes Explained – Part 7

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3.2 The CCP’s Crimes Against the World

3.2.1 The Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Vaccine are Bio-weapon of the CCP

Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement were the first to warn the world about the truth of the CCP virus, back at 2 years since January 2020.

COVID-19 is a bio-weapon created from the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army P4 Lab.

COVID-19 pandemic is caused by the CCP purposely releasing the virus around the world.


Promoting the so-called “COVID-19 vaccine” are the CCP’s real purpose, which is their actual instrument to murder the mankind.

The disasters caused by the vaccine are the largest catastrophe and the biggest threat to humanity in history.

The Whistleblower Movement has been repeatedly warning the whole world the worst part of this pandemic will begin at the end of 2021.

Very unfortunately, the current widespread and raging of new variants all confirmed our pervious warnings.

The CCP’s Crimes Against the World

The Coronavirus and Vaccine Are the CCP’s Biological Weapons

3.2.2 Media is the CCP’s nuclear weapon

Newspapers and Medias are always the most effective propagating and brainwashing weapons. The power of the rapidly developing internet, mainstream media and all social platforms has exceeded that of the nuclear weapons.

Being the master of propaganda, the CCP knows this better than anyone and it knows how to utilize these weapons very well. Long ago they already have full control on the media, and media has render into tools for the CCP to brainwash, trick, scam, and manipulate the mass population.

The VICE media and journalist Isobel Yeung that continuously being addressed in this paper, are fully compromised by the CCP with through the BGY (Blue, Gold, Yellow) Plan/Operation. VICE and Isobel Yeung had sold their souls and faiths to the devil for money and power.

They are committing huge and unforgivable crimes against humanity.

The current pandemic, uncontrollable variants and the insane global genocidal vaccine mandate policies are all caused the so-called “mainstream media” and “big tech platforms”. They are the largest criminal group who create this disaster.

Everyone please remember, every single word we said, will be verified by history and will become evidence in court. For the Holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics

At this moment, the whole world is boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics. All people who are anti-CCP are supporting the boycott campaign on the Beijing Winter Olympics.

While former U.S. President Donald Trump is anti-CCP but not in full support of boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics, this is because he believes there are more ‘powerful’ things that can be done.

Does anyone know what are reactions inside the CCP?

Xi jinping already stated clearly the needs to maintain an absolute high degree of centralization and unity, as well as ensure full control of all media.

According to Mr. Guo Wengui’s secret intelligence, the CCP has already prepared the followings:

Firstly, “We must occupy the highest ground in all the western media at all costs. We must censor and wipe out all voices that support the boycotting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, regardless of any consequences.”

Secondly, “We must encourage those who support the Winter Olympics to speak up as soon as possible, and distribute supportive statements around globe.”

From these two statements by the CCP, we can see why the power of media exceeds the power of the nuclear weapon. We should to admire the CCP’s realization on the power of the media since the first day the Party was found. They know propaganda through media is the effective method for fooling people. After fully controlling all the media in China, the CCP strive for controlling all media around the world. The CCP has been screwing with all the naïve, ignorant, and selfish people, along with those media they did not or not able to control. Through this, majority of people in this world are under the CCP’s control.

Let’s us continue to observe those media which oppose the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Let’s continue to observe how many of them will change their positions from oppose to support.

Let’s pay close attention to the United States. The U.S. will sent over 200 athletes o Beijing and will praise the CCP for its success on the Beijing Winter Olympics. Will the United States Abolishes Additional Tariffs on China

During the Live Broadcast on Dec. 22nd, 2021, Mr. Guo Wengui became the first person in the world to explosively reveal that the CCP will make the Biden administration to abolish the highest additional tariffs on China at all cost.

Representing the Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Guo is the first one in the world on disclosing this matter.

Yet, this is definitely going to happen. We can ensure everyone about it. Let us wait and see.

With all honesty, the recently released criminal fraudulent documentary by VICE Media is prepared for the cancellation of the additional tariffs on Communist China. This is the group of people who instigate the hatred among the Chinese and Americans, in attempt to separate the relationship between the people and the government.

The Biden Administration will definitely cancel the additional tariffs they imposed on Communist China.

Now, does everyone understand how powerful media is?

Does everyone realize the purpose of this documentary from VICE Media is to kill two birds with one stone?

First, they framed Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement as a cult, a group of terrorists, and criminals.

Then, they attempt to place us in fear and to eliminate us.

Moreover, they attempt to turn us overseas Chinese, as scapegoats who are the one that cause all the frictions between Communist China and the U.S..

Therefore, the two governments now have a perfect excuse to collude and to abolish the additional tariffs on Communist China in the names of improving trade relationship and for the well-being of the Chinese and American people.

Without a doubt, VICE Media sent Isobel Yeung for the interview with Mr. Guo Wengui can directly link to the relevant report on the TPG and PAG cases which content is full of falsehood and intimidation. All these are fabricated by Shan Weijian’s and that two companies which he controlled. Who is behind him and manipulating everything, is of course the CCP.

They first objective is to strike a fatal blow on Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement,

Their second objective is to help the CCP to successfully hold the Winter Olympics,

Their third objective is to pave the way for the U.S., helping them to cancel the additional tariffs on Communist China.

All these are the political agenda that the CCP is trying to achieve by using the power of the media. On the other words, killing three birds with one stone. Who is Calling Help for Peng Shuai

Now, let us shift our attention to Peng Shuai.

Peng Shui has been told clearly by the CCP that if she does not cooperate with the Part, then she is going to be the traitor of the Chinese people and the Motherland. Besides, her trial will start immediately. 

Her family was also all notified that they will never be allowed to leave the country and will never have freedom again. The rights and interests of your parents and family members are in the hands of the Party. The assets of your cousin’s business can be confiscated immediately.

All of Peng Shuai’s credit cards and cars have been seized. How many Chinese people around the world, and how many media actually stand up and speak for her, and call help for her, despite her being a world champion?

Even an outstanding athlete like Peng Shuai has to rely on the WTF organization to appeal for her personal safety and basic human rights. This is an absolute sorrow and the reason why sufferings and disasters on the Chinese nation have never been stopped. It is so sad, pathetic, and detestable to a degree that cannot be described by any words. Anti-Chinese Sentiments in Indonesia

Let us look back to the tragic anti-Chinese incidents in Indonesia 50 years ago where 500,000 Chinese were killed. The trigger was a small local media.

In 1966, the wealth of Indonesian Chinese as a percentage in the entire Indonesia had risen from 0.1 % at the past to 97% at that time.

At this moment, a small local media in Indonesia reported that the Chinese merchants were dishonest in doing business. As a result, this small trigger set off an extremely brutal and inhumane wave arrests, raping, and mass murdering of the ethnic Chinese.

The report in Indonesia at that time was a small local media, which scale was far less than that of VICE Media. This time the CCP is doing exactly the same thing: fabrication, defamation and instigating conflicts.

3.2.3 The Western World’s Sorrow

Not only majority of mainstream media in the West, but also Wall Street, Hollywood, music, sports, technology, business, finance and trade, etc., literally all walks of life that have influence to the society.

Why is there nobody making a different voices than that of the mainstream media?

Why is there nobody asking where the coronavirus comes from?

Why is there nobody questioning the mandatory vaccination policy?

The answer is simple: it’s all about money, power and sex.

All these mainstream media, Wall Street, Hollywood, etc., due to their greed, they accepted the dirty bribes provided by the CCP. They had been taking all these interests in the past, so as now.

Therefore, these above-mentioned groups are threatened the CCP and completely under controlled by it. They act as limbs and mouthpiece of for CCP, helping it to perpetuate its wicked deeds. Because of the interests they acquired, they stood firmly with the CCP.

And for us, the Whistleblower Movement, we have been spreading the truth to people all over the world in the past five years, without asking for any rewards and any donations; we insist on spreading the truth on the evil nature of the CCP and the heinous crimes it has committed against the Chinese people and the people of the world; we have been spreading the truth that the coronavirus was developed by the CCP’s P4 lab and was deliberately released to the world; we have been spreading the truth that the vaccine for the coronavirus is the real tool and purpose of the CCP and the dark forces of the world to kill and control; we have been spreading the truth that affordable, safe, and effective antidote to the coronavirus and vaccine such as hydroxychloroquine, artemisinin and ivermectin, and so on.

Through spreading the truth, our Whistleblower Movement is awakening the people with conscience and uniting a justice forces that pursue freedom of religious belief and the rule of law, democracy and independence.

Because of this, the existence of the Whistleblower Movement has the largest conflict of interest with these “establishment”, and threatening their agenda to control and brainwash people around the world.

Therefore, this has made them lose their sense of security, and caused them recklessly decided that they have to tie themselves to the devil – the CCP, in its evil war-chariot. They are so anxious to the degree that they shamelessly attacked and discredited Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement at the risk of overcrossing the bottom line of the law.

Let’s look at the leading social media.

Facebook and Youtube respectively spend $90 billion and $15 billion a year on advertisement, and Twitter so far is still losing money.

None of Mr. Guo Wengui’s Facebook accounts have ever survived more than 24 hours.

We can’t help asking: Why didn’t Facebook allow Mr. Guo’s account exist for more than one day? Why did HBO and VICE Media broadcast this out of context documentaries that is full of lies about the interview with Mr. Guo’s? Again, the answer is simply: it’s all about money.

Everything mentioned above link to the huge interest of these giant tycoons. But we can also see that they are actually really afraid of Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement.

3.2.4. The CCP’s Sabotaging and Infiltration in the United States

The infiltration of the CCP’s black hands in the United States is beyond the imagination of Americans.

We can tell everyone here, unambiguously, that the appearance of Isobel will awaken more American people. Let them see it with their own eyes that the CCP’s infiltration in the U.S. and Western media is by no means the result from the effort of one single generation, but of several generations. It will surely allow the FBI to “follow the vines” and find out the cobweb-like black hands of the CCP.

“I used to say that, there will be an outbreak from October to December and it’s coming from Africa and the North American West Coast, facts prove that we have been right. I also said that after Thanksgiving, there will be an outbreak in the United States and around the world. Everybody see that, right? All of America and the world would have a sudden surge in infection rate after Thanksgiving.”

“This was not something we fabricate to scare people, this was intelligence from our scientists and the brothers-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement in Communist China. They completely understand that that this is a biochemical weapon. We also got internal intelligence from the CCP that the CCP attempt to crumble the economy of the West before the Winter Olympics, so that the West would be in civil unrest, and thus have no time and energy to deal with us.”

“Just like now that Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, Wang Huning, have reach a common goal within the Communist Party that they will definitely win this “war of the century” between China and the U.S., here quotes Xi’s original words: ‘Everybody must be confident that we will definitely win this war of the century between China and the United States. This shall definitely be the expected outcome.’”

——Mr. Guo Wengui said in his live Broadcast

3.2.5. The CCP’s BGY Operation and How It Is Implemented

The insane BGY Operation/Plan carried out by the CCP across the world is beyond anyone’s imagination.

This the reason that no a single person, no one organization, and no one government in the world, except Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement, has the courage to stand up against the CCP and confront it with the coronavirus and vaccine that has caused the greatest harm to mankind to an unprecedented level in human history.

We will use just one example here to demonstrate how the CCP plays it’s tricks to ensure the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Do you know the total amount of debt forgiven by the CCP to various countries in the three months to the end of 2021? We encourage people to thoroughly investigate into this.

Next, in no more than two weeks, we will see that many countries will show their support to the Beijing Winter Olympics. Afterwards, in the next 30-40 days, please pay attention to which countries will the CCP forgive debts to.

We can tell everyone with certainty, and we are willing to bear legal responsibilities that after Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on December 22, 2021, none of the national governments that expressed support for the Winter Olympics did not collude with the CCP behind the scene.

However, what make us sad and distressing is that for the success of the Winter Olympics, the Chinese people will have to pay hundreds of billions of dollar for the cancellation of debts on many countries and for the Sino-US trade friction. Our Chinese compatriots, Please, wake up!


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