Xi’an Residents Treated Like Livestocks During the Pandemic

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Penelope

On January 9th, a local resident of Xi’an named Yang Hai (who lives in Evergrande City on Dazhai Road) made an angry statement on social media. He said that tens of thousands of people living in the same neighborhood have been quarantined at home for 17 days in accordance with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) pandemic prevention and control protocols. But they are desperately short of living necessities. Those CCP’s protocols merely meant forcibly locking up the community gate with barbed wire to prohibit the people from getting in and out. 

The government’s so-called “Green Channel” for supplies is purposeless as the locked-up people are treated like livestocks without any help, only waiting for their own demise at home.

It is reported that the video has been deleted by WeChat as soon as it was released, and the link to the video posted by Yang Hai’s daughter on twitter has also been deleted.

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