【G-Hour News】The autopsy report showed that 93% of deaths after vaccination are associated with the CCP/COVID19 vaccine!

Yangfan Farm, Vancouver, Canada ;Broadcast: Wen Guang ;Video Production: Gracelshan

Studies have shown that the vast majority of deaths occurred after COVID19 vaccination were caused by the CCP (COVID19) vaccine .The research was conducted by Dr. Sucharit Bakhdi and Dr. Ana Bukhat, they studied 15 cases that were believed by the coroner and prosecutor to be unrelated to the CCP (COVID19) vaccine. In 14 of these 15 cases, 93% were indeed deaths caused by vaccination against the CCP (COVID19) virus.

All the dead in this study died within seven days to six months after CCP (COVID19) vaccination their age ranges from 28 to 95 years old.

This study found that the most targeted organ is the heart. The heart of all people who died was attacked ,but other organs in the body of the deceased were also being attacked.

The results of this study show that the impact of the CCP (COVID19) vaccine is huge, it will cause millions of deaths, the CCP (COVID19) vaccination should be stopped immediately!

However, the worldwide plan for vaccination against the CCP (COVID19) virus is unlikely to end, because the researcher’s report has not been published in peer-reviewed articles.Because of this, it is likely to be ignored by the medical and scientific field.

Nevertheless this article titled 《Why the CCP (COVID19) virus vaccines doesn’t work》 and a paper with 《Irrefutable evidence of the fatal result after CCP (COVID19) vaccination》 gained widespread attention online.

The paper revealed and discovered the harm and risks of the CCP (COVID19) vaccine the government, medical scientists and scientists continue to cover up the truth.

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