Many school bus drivers in North Carolina infected with CCP virus

Translated by: MOS Information Team—Baoliaofen

On January 8, The Hill reported that students at two high schools will not be able to ride school buses to school for at least two weeks, because dozens of school bus drivers have been infected with the CCP virus (COVID-19).

Guilford County Schools said 76 school bus drivers had temporarily lost their jobs after testing positive for the CCP virus, causing a severe staffing shortage in the district, according to the News & Record in Greensboro, N.C. School District Superintendent Sharon Contreras told the news media that students can take city buses for free if they show their student IDs.

On Friday, Guilford County school districts delayed bus rides for the first time, with middle schools starting an hour late that day and high school and early colleges starting an hour and a half late.

In order to attract and retain bus drivers amid the latest wave of CCP virus outbreaks, Guilford County has raised the basic base pay for drivers to $15 per hour and is offering a $1,000 monthly reward for full attendance.


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