Miles: Wuhan Lab Defector fears the USA traitors


Summary: 老姜 & ZionChung

April 26, on War Room Pandemic 138

Two days ago, in the private talk with the exiled informant from Wuhan lab, he told me that “Miles, I can provide all information about the damned P-4 machination. I’m not in dread of CCP, what I really fear is the United States, since the major investment, technologies, and information are from the US. If I seek asylum in America, I would probably be lynched by those involved.” I’m totally astounded to hear this. He told me it’s easy to deploy the virus to be contagious, but once it is released, it’s nearly impossible to take it back or seek to find a cure.

Since the 2017 VOA interview interruption and the cancellation of the Hudson Institute incident, the CCP has successfully banned any voice against them, made personal threats of any of their targets, and even to kill the target by its proxy in the U.S., and yet the U.S. government didn’t even know about it. Because Americans and its government have been sleeping, the CCP can smoothly implement its strategy to “weaken America, take down America, and kill America”.

The CCP has been planning to establish a biological and chemical weapons laboratory since 2011, claiming to do all kinds of virus experiments and vaccines research, yet it is actually for the purpose of preparing for the upcoming decisive battle with the United States, as they know that, like Japanese militarism during the World War II, on the ambitious way to dominate the world, there is the only obstacle, the United States. Finally, they successfully secured the necessary funds, technology, and talents from the United States, and established a P4 laboratory in the name of “scientific research”. France has also provided relevant assistance. If the U.S. wants to know the truth of this pandemic, it is actually very easy.

You have the most advanced biochemical analytics in the world, superglobal intelligence collection capabilities, and computer hardware and software analysis capabilities. You don’t need to spend 4 months, it should be in just a few days. What I want to ask is that it has been so long, so many people have died, where is the Western media, how do they report and track down the pandemic? Where are the western intelligence agencies? and what have they done?

Per the intelligence from the senior scientists (from the Wuhan P4 Lab), who fled China last week, hiding in Europe, and our other CCP insiders, this pandemic is definitely caused by a biological and chemical weapon,released by CCP, which secretly declared a war against the U.S., and we are already at war.

This P4 defector told me and Mr. Bannon that he is not afraid of CCP, but the U.S. traitors, he is afraid of being assassinated by them if he shows up in the U.S. This is too ironic for America. In this pandemic, not only the CCP-Virus can kill people in the U.S. and other countries, but the greed, political struggle, and laziness of bureaucrats from the politicians, and Wall Street can also kill people because we are at war, it is a crisis, any minute of delay can lead to the loss of life.

They are 3 reasons for the G20 cancellation:

1. CCP Vice President Wang Qishan and the old retired powerful guys all want to kill President Xi Jinping, Xi is now in greater danger

2. The CCP is now very arrogant, it will not tell you the pandemic truth, it does not care about any G20 meeting

3. It doesn’t want to give the pandemic truth to the world, and it doesn’t care about the ideas and opinions from the U.S. and Europe.

Sun Lijun, the former deputy of CCP secret police force, executor of the CCP-Virus pandemic, was arrested last week, which shows that the CCP’s inner-dogfighting has reached to fierce level. The United States and Europe must make full use of this opportunity to quickly shoot out and destroy CCP from within.

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6 days ago

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5 months ago

some people in US are corrupted with CCP……

5 months ago

….sorry , my email address….

Keep going on , but i fear that there are many boxes from Pandorra….! Not only in China….
The World is messed up long time ago.
Time to clean… but watermopping with an open waterline is difficult…

5 months ago

Miles, any chance to get me a email address to contact you. You have email address. Thx JTT

5 months ago

This Chinese scientist defector is absolutely right! How come the response to the virus in the West is totally bungled? You have to ask yourself this question. Now, slowly people are waking up to the devious response of the WHO. But if the WHO knew, don’t tell me the CIA didn’t know. There is a very dark, enormously powerful small group of people in the background writing the script. This group swears allegiance only to itself, its power and wealth. Human life outside this group has no value. Trump is not one of them. So he will not get the… Read more »

5 months ago

The safest thing he should do for himself and his family is to immediately disclose all the information he has, or deliver everything to a trusted third party. That way there is no reason for anyone to want to silence him because everything is already out.

5 months ago

So he is not afraid the CCP may assassinate him, but that other people may? And he thinks he could be in danger only when he comes to the US? Why does he need asylum in the US?