GT Online: Communist Party of China Takes a Shot at Stars

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Thousands of anchors pay back taxes after Weiya was fined for tax evasion. Now Wu Jing’s “War Wolf II” has been found out by the net that he needs to pay back taxes again. Previously Hong Kong media showed a list of people interviewed by the CCP, including Deng Chao, Sun Li, Huang Xiaoming couple, Yang Mi, Wu Qilong, Huo Jianhua, Zhao Liying, Zhou Xun, Xu Zheng and so on.

With the CCP’s overhaul of the entertainment industry, entertainment stars will pay a heavy price for their pro-communist practices. Since the movement in Hong Kong in June 2019, Hong Kong people’s resistance to tyranny and their demands for democracy and the rule of law have been  rewarded with the Repatriation Law and the National Security Law. They have been arrested, abused, molested, raped, and gang-raped. More than 10,000 people have disappeared and been murdered. The Chinese Communist Party has totally ignored the condemnation of the international community, the abolition of the Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement, and the enormous damage caused by the exodus of the Hong Kong people.They have intensified its efforts to end the Hong Kong Basic Law.

It’s disappointing what many stars do. Many stars turn a blind eye. Some stars not only do not help the students, but support the Chinese Communist Party’s massacre of the students. For the sake of profit, they forget the most basic conscience of being human and forget that everything they once had came from the people of Hong Kong.

Some may defend the stars, saying that they are just small people controlled by power and capital, incapable of controlling their own destiny. But is that really the case? China’s soccer star Hao Haidong and badminton world champion Ye Zhaoying have resolutely chosen great righteousness to make the most radical break with the Chinese Communist Party. They will surely be forgotten in history for their righteousness and courage.

The two sports couples made their own way in China’s perverse and cruel sports system by relying on their talent and hard work, sweat and injuries. They became the darlings of fate and accumulated a considerable family fortune. Mr. Hao Haidong has traveled in all kinds of classes. He has a deep understanding of the “evil and dirty” of the system, the “corruption and extravagance” of officials, and the “greed and hypocrisy” of human nature. The darkness of soccer, sports and society as a whole made him feel desperate. The emergence of Mr. Guo Wengui was like a light in the dark night, lighting up his future. He was determined to read the “Declaration of the New Federal State of China” on June 4.

In contrast, the pro-Communist stars had their public image ruined. Throughout history, people who dance with the devil are condemned to become martyrs of the evil Chinese Communist regime.




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