Arrest of Liu Yazhou Pushed the CCP Infighting to Another Climax

Translated by:  MOS Education Group – Angelina 

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s Grand Live Broadcast on December 29, the recent arrest of Liu Yazhou, the son-in-law of CCP veteran Li Xiannian and Air Force General, continued to ferment within the party.  More than 40 of Liu’s relatives were arrested at the same time along with more than 400 old Air Force subordinates.  Xu Qiliang is an old military superior and current vice chairman of the Military Commission.

Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, Liu Yazhou and other vice-chairmen of the Military Commission, who had helped Xi to eliminate dissent from the military, wanted to get a good position but ended up defecting, so they switched to follow Zeng Qinghong and Wang Qishan.  Xi sees insightful and talented high-level figures in his party as a threat to his throne, and is constantly eradicating them.  This is a glimpse of the CCP’s evil nature of unloading and killing the donkey and throwing it away.

According to Mr. Guo’s revelations, Liu Yazhou met at least 100 people before he was arrested. The penultimate person was Zeng Qinghong, the eldest brother of the “Prince Party”, and the last person was Wang Qishan, the boss of the “Son-in-law Gang”.  Xiangbao said that there is a rule in the party that the founder and his family should never be caught.  It is no trivial matter that Wang Qishan, his right-hand man, Dong Hong, Chen Feng, etc., who were arrested and did not show up, tried to protect Liu Yazhou.  This farce is essentially an upgraded version of the intensified infighting within the CCP.  

It is Xi Jinping’s strategy of reversing history at full speed and engaging Mao thieves to eliminate dissidents within the party.  Now the anti-Xi factions have realized that Xi is committed to eliminating any forces other than the Xi family for his peace of mind.  In the current CCP, the relationship between the Xi family and outsiders is no longer a battle of interests, but a battle of life and death, and the destruction of the CCP has reached a critical juncture in the right time, place, and people!

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