GT Online: Tianjin City in Epidemic-Prevention Lockdown, Is Beijing Next?

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

On January 9, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media reported that the Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice: Implementing strict restriction measures and don’t leave Tianjin unless necessary. It’s been reported that the city has launched citywide PCR virus tests at present. Since the lockdown of Xi’an City, there’s been news of Chinese cities being locked down one after another. Now that Tianjin is under epidemic-prevention lockdown, the epidemic is directly threatening Beijing. In case of an epidemic outbreak, will Beijing be locked down during the Winter Olympics? If the capital Beijing declares lockdown, how will the political situation in Zhongnanhai pit develop?

Tianjin is adjacent to Beijing, and many commuters choose to purchase homes in Tianjin while going to work in Beijing. If Tianjin is locked down, many commuters living in Tianjin undoubtedly won’t be able to come to Beijing to work. If the employees cannot work for a long time, what awaits them is unemployment after their vacation and sick leaves are used up. During the Winter Olympics, Beijing won’t risk opening up to Tianjin, which threatens the epidemic-prevention situation in Beijing. Tomorrow, the people in Tianjin may experience a humanitarian disaster similar to the one in Xi’an today. It can be said that if the Chinese Communist Party is not overthrown, anyone may die in the strict quarantine.   

There are in fact anecdotes of lockdown already implemented in the Sanlitun area in Beijing. The reason is that four Spanish athletes arrived in Beijing, tested positive at the airport but declined isolation at the Kunlun Hotel, and insisted on visiting Sanlitun, which led to the lockdown of the area. The CCP’s official media didn’t report on this information. Yet it is hard to obtain the truth in Communist China whether the lockdown in Sanlitun is caused by athletes arriving in Beijing or by the side effects of Covid vaccines. Only the lockdown is real.

The man-made humanitarian disaster continues in Xi’an City because of the epidemic-prevention measures. Some information leaked out despite the Xi’an government’s strict censorship of social media such as WeChat. For example, there is a photo of burning bodies in the community, so is this because crematoriums are overwhelmed? In addition, several elderly, children, and youth in need of first aid died while waiting for the PCR virus test results. Because families are also affected by the deaths, isn’t this a man-made humanitarian disaster? Every city under lockdown is required to bring the number of virus case in society to zero. Countless lives are disappeared for the requirement of zero virus case.

Tianjin’s lockdown for disease prevention proves the epidemics in the city have already spiraled out of control. Three-quarters of the patients infected by the Omicron variant are reportedly children! Therefore, the city has to adopt severe restrictions to contain the epidemic within the city, but currently, the spread of infections cannot be curbed by city lockdown. And the epidemic in Beijing is also spreading now. Because the CCP must censor the flow of information during the Winter Olympics, when the epidemic can no longer be covered up, the CCP will blame the epidemic on foreign athletes and staff after the Winter Olympics. And Xi Jinping is still depicted as the great sun god of Communist China.  

As judged by the political infighting in Zhongnanhai pit, if Beijing implements lockdown while troops enter the city to maintain stability, the political infighting in Zhongnanhai may escalate into a military coup. Will Xi Jinping declare lockdown in Beijing and give military troops an excuse to enter Beijing? Xi may also take the risky gambit of lockdown to arrest all of his political rivals. Anyway, political infighting within the CCP will escalate once Beijing enters a state of lockdown, with the situation being favorable to the New Federal State of China.


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