Broadcast|Pompeo Again Calls for Boycott the CCP Winter Olympics and Hold Them Accountable

By: MOS Fitness Group — Jun

On January 6, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated his call for the US to boycott the Chinese Communist Party’s Winter Olympics in Beijing in an interview. In response, Pompeo also explained three reasons in details. 

Firstly, every act of evil committed by the CCP in Xinjiang fits the definition of genocide. Therefore the Beijing Winter Olympics will be labelled as a “genocidal Winter Olympics.”

Secondly, the Chinese government will monitor every word and deed of every athlete who attends the games. If any of them talk about the Tiananmen Square incident or the Wuhan Virus Institute, there will be great chances that they will be detained by the Chinese government. In addition, the CCP will use the athletes’ words and actions to promote the so-called “great democracy of the Communist China.”

Finally, the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research has released the new coronavirus (the CCP virus,) which is now killing millions of people worldwide. Meanwhile, while Xi Jinping sits in a magnificent stadium bragging about his successful control of the epidemic in mainland, there are countless Chinese people imprisoned in their homes by welded doors behind the scenes. 

Pompeo concluded by stressing that Xi does not care about a diplomatic boycott by the US at all because the world media will be promoting the Winter Olympics and its organizers around the globe. At this point, what the US should do is going after the CCP on every issue in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and the CCP virus.

Article: Pompeo Again Calls for Boycott the CCP Winter Olympics and Hold Them Accountable

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