Miles Guo’s 9th Jan 2022 Broadcast Highlights Summary

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The communism’s infiltration

Wherever Wang Yi (Foreign Minister of China) goes, trouble ensues. After Wang Yi visited Vietnam in 2021, a protest happened. After Wang Yi visited Afghanistan, the Taliban took over the country. After Wang Yi visited Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev resigned. All these were no coincidence; communism’s infiltration all over the world is a lot worse than what most people can imagine. Black Lives Matter (BLM) and mass migration of Muslims to Europe were all planned by the CCP. The CCP had been feeding Taliban intel on the U.S. army’s movement and plans before the Taliban usurped power. CCP’s ability to gain access to U.S. mass media, finance and military’s movement cannot be understated. These tell us the communists’ ambition to rule the world is already well underway.

Because of its geographical location, Kazakhstan is being watched closely by China and Russia. The CCP believed Kazakhstan and Afghanistan have a strong influence over Xinjiang and Tibet culture and can instigate a revolution in these regions. In addition, Kazakhstan is a strategic pawn of Russia’s plan to take over Ukraine.

Covid prevention and treatment and vaccine detoxification

For people who wish to treat or prevent Covid or get rid of the vaccine’s toxicity inside their body, whistle-blower doctor Eglise has a prescription in her GETTR account @Adelin. 

China in focus

Medical experts and professionals, especially those in China, have shown the world that they can be used as a political tool during this Covid. A medical professional from China once told Miles that locking down Xi’an and other parts of China is justified because it can prevent the further spreading of the Covid. Through his misguided morality, he did not realise that most deaths in Xi’an were the result of toxic vaccines, not the virus, and there is no need for mass NAAT Covid testing and lockdowns. There is nothing scarier than being ignorant while the government is murdering you while also toying with you. Most of the vaccine deaths in China are from the disabled, 45 years old and above and the disobedient people. The CCP has no wish to support the elderly or people with disability as they don’t make good slaves. The CCP views the elderly and the disabled simply as liabilities. Heilongjiang is another place where many people are dying, but there aren’t any reports on this.

There is no evidence that the explosion in Chongqing was the CCP’s doing, so people should not speculate on it.

Chinese geomancy

Chinese geomancy makes the CCP believe that Kunlun Mountains and Himalayan mountains are some of the important lifelines of China. This is also why the CCP will never allow Xinjiang and Tibet independence. Every year, the CCP sacrifices 700 virgin girls and boys in a ritual held in an extravagant man-made structure in one of the Kunlun Mountains. Also, due to superstition, no person born in the zodiac year of the Tiger or Pig is allowed to take part in the ritual. Anyone who wishes to take down the CCP and also believes in Chinese geomancy should perhaps hide carved figures of Tiger in this man-made structure to hasten the CCP’s demise. 

Source: Miles Guo’s 9th Jan 2022 Broadcast

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