Austrian Chancellor Tests Positive for COVID-19 Even After Three Vaccine Shots

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On January 6, the Austrian Chancellery said that Chancellor Karl Nehammer was tested positive for COVID-19 (the CCP virus) and is currently in self-isolation, with no serious symptoms for the time being.

According to the Central News Agency, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer was tested positive for COVID-19 (CCP virus) on the evening of January 5 due to contact with a member of his security team, who tested positive on January 6.

According to the report, Karl Nehammer has been fully vaccinated for three shots before and is currently in self-isolation and has not yet shown serious symptoms.

Photo from The Central News Agency (CNA)

There are comments that Austria officially announced a restriction order for unvaccinated people on November 15 last year. About two million people unvaccinated or unhealed will not be able to leave their residence unless for special reasons such as going out to buy necessities, exercise, work, or see a doctor. However, judging from the current epidemic prevention situation in Austria, the vaccine restriction order and complete vaccination have not brought the Austrian government excellent epidemic prevention results.

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奧地利總理打3劑COVID-19疫苗 仍突破性感染

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