01/06/2022 China Insight

  1. On January 6, Yongji, Shanxi. The CCP local government made up the excuse for the lockdown: the environmental sampling test result of the gate at the exit of the Yongji High-speed Railway North Station was reported as positive, and then all residents in the city were quarantined at home and prohibited from going out.
  2. At 7 pm on January 5th, Zhengzhou, Henan, Xintiandi market was suddenly closed under pandemic control measures, and all the people in the market could not get out nor could anyone enter from the outside.
  3. On January 5, Mawei Street, Xingping, Xianyang, Shaanxi, houses were sealed off and quarantined people were prohibited from entering and exiting.
  4. On January 2, Xi’an, Shaanxi under the epidemic situation. A girl’s father suffered a heart attack but could not find the hospital for treatment. He die due to delayed treatment.
  5. On January 3, Xi’an, Shaanxi. A mother cried at the quarantine facility, “The child is hungry and there is nothing to eat yet”, and she called everywhere for help during her menstrual period, but there was no result.
  6. On January 3, Xi’an, Shaanxi. A resident had repeatedly climbed over the community wall to buy food due to food shortages. After being caught by epidemic prevention volunteers, he was forced to shoot a video reviewing his fault.
  7. On January 3, there were 800 to 900 patients queuing for registration at the Pediatric Clinic of Shanghai Xinhua Hospital at the same time. The receptionist of the hospital said that the situation was very rare.
  8. January 4, Shenzhen, Guangdong. It’s suspected that a delivery guy was slapped by the store owner because of his complaints about the restaurant’s slow service in the Wechat Takeaway group chat.
  9. On January 2, it’s suspected that a milk tea shop clerk angrily beat the delivery guy because of a dispute over a delayed delivery.
  10. January 3, Jinan, Shandong. A female delivery person was bringing her child to work. The delivery deadline was approaching but the kid was running around, and she had to yell at her child anxiously.
  11. On January 3, in Bijie, Guizhou, a landslide occurred at aconstruction site, killing 14 people.

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