Broadcast|Miles Guo talks about the three elements of self-confidence

By: MOS Member — Mindblade

On January 5th, when asked by his brothers-in-arms in the Grand Live broadcast how to build self-confidence, Miles Guo summed up three elements with his rich experience:

Firstly, do not seek vanity. If one wants to be true and unbreakable, one cannot care about the reaction of others, can’t rely on others. The brothers-in-arms should have a remarkable life without anyone and be brave to live out their true selves.

Secondly, embrace wisdom. A wise man is a person with knowledge and ability, so everyone must study hard. In addition, the brothers-in-arms must be in awe of God in their hearts. When a person’s knowledge and abilities are increasing day by day and supported by faith, his heart will continue to grow stronger, and the person will become more and more confident.

Thirdly, full of love. comrades-in-arms should not care about others’ attacks, of course, don’t attack others as well. On the other hand, everyone should be full of love for people and all things, and not seek their own interests, just benefit others. A person who is altruistic will be full of confidence, and this person is also destined to succeed.

Miles also added that, in contrast, the CCP used all means for the sake of its false reputation and to protect its rights to control online media, turning the people into blind and deaf, so that they could not see the truth or hear the truth. With regard to this, Miles said that the CCP is the least self-confident. They fool the people with lies, use gangs to scare the people, and even build a firewall to block the people from knowing about the world. However, the CCP has enslaved, dominated, and brutalized the people. This has made the CCP become a public enemy of the people, and therefore the CCP must perish.

Miles also sent a message to the people of the New Federal State of China. If we achieve the above three points, we will become more confident and more popular to win people’s hearts. Nowadays, the growth and strength of Gettr is the best proof.

Article: Miles Guo talks about the three elements of self-confidence

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