The CCP controls capital, internet water army, traffic robot, malicious interviews & manipulate media opinion

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Atlas

Dictatorships love lying and violence. Lies and violence are their heroin, driving them to madness, but ultimately lead to their destruction. The Nazis knew what is the essence of ruling a country with lies. However, what the Nazis did are nothing comparing to the CCP. The CCP’s obsession with brainwashing and manipulation of public opinion has way surpassed the Nazi’s blueprint, becoming the mastermind of deceiving the people. The CCP is the devil among the devils and the lunatic among the lunatics.

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The CCP does not only control domestic public opinion, but also extends its hand to foreign countries. How exactly does the CCP control public opinion overseas? Advertising bundling, profit transfer, market temptation, capital control, media company manipulation, malicious interviews, human wave attack, hackers attack, traffic robot, fake accounts and all kinds of ways.

These CCP’s methods are shocking, so as the CCP’s infiltration of Western media. However, not all Western media outlets are willing to succumb to the CCP power. The excessive power and harm have caused resentment and hatred of the people all over the world. The incident of HBO’s VICE interview with Mr. Guo Wengui also awakened many Westerners. The CCP has used several generations to infiltrate the West and use a country’s power to fight against the CCP’s political enemies.

The CCP is no longer a sheep in wolf skin, but has really grown into a world-destroying demon with fangs.


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