Broadcast|Music Encourages Us to Regain Dignity and Self-Confidence

By: MOS Fitness Team — Sunny

On January 5, in the grant live broadcast, Miles Guo expressed his appreciation to the GTV grant music show “I Am the Music Hero” and noted the following points to all the brothers and sisters.

Firstly, countless Whistleblower Movement brothers and sisters dedicated work achieved the incredible voice and music effect on the GTV.

Secondly, music layman Miles Guo became a world super rock star and proved that the soul of music is an individual expression rather than team collaboration. 

Then, the whole process of “I Am the Music Hero” production and broadcasting was a challenge to each participant’s patience and love. Such affection will last forever.

Moreover, Taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through music allows the Chinese to regain their singing ability and deprived dignity and self-confidence.

Furthermore, the CCP is afraid and monopolizes all the music singing and distribution rights to suppress the opposing voices. GTV Music and Voices are the power of taking down the CCP.

Lastly, all participants will remember the remarkable journey that they walked through in “I Am the Music Hero” and the grant live broadcast.  

Miles also stressed that music has no territory border nor language barrier. Music of the Whistleblower Movement is supporting global Chinese safety.

Article: Music Encourages Us to Regain Dignity and Self-Confidence

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