UBS has become a loyal lackey and hitman of the CCP kleptocracy families and regime

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UBS is the most powerful leading bank in the Swiss banking industry. Its predecessor, Winterthur Bank, was established in 1862, and after several mergers and reorganizations, it developed into an oligarchic banking group in Switzerland in terms of private client business. In addition, UBS also provides asset management, wealth management and investment banking services to individuals, companies and institutions, and is a global service. It currently manages the world’s largest private wealth, and half of the world’s billionaires are its clients. UBS is considered to be one of the world’s largest investors and a major market maker in global financial markets.

However, Swiss banks have been criticized by the outside world because of the lack of transparency in the confidentiality system and suspected of helping customers evade taxes, and are called “tax havens.” The loopholes of Switzerland’s bank secrecy laws have been taken advantage not only for tax evasion, they also provide a safe haven for terrorists and dictatorship’s illegal funds.

For a long time, UBS’s main business had been for customers of Swiss and American ranked first and second. However, with the formation of the CCP’s regime, the CCP’s powerful kleptocracy families and their agents quickly accumulated enormous wealth by stealing the entire wealth of the nation.  And they transferred a large amount of these wealth overseas, Switzerland has naturally become an priority for them to hide their illegal gains.

This group of super wealth has grown at an alarming rate, and CCP super clients have quickly grown into UBS’s most important customers. Needless to say, UBS is more than happy to provide them with “high-quality” services. UBS treated this group as their God in every possible way, and uses the connection as a bridge to establish close ties with the CCP regime. The kleptocracies, the CCP regime and UBS colluded with each other and have done all the evil thing imaginable. The senior management of UBS also made themselves billionaires in long-term collusion.

UBS has also gained a lot from it. In addition to being the first foreign bank to obtain the financial license in mainland to enjoy its business booming in China, UBS also holds a large amount of CCP outflow, and has made a lot of commission fees by providing a large number of money laundering services for the CCP’s powerful families. And it is precisely because of the immense benefits obtained from the CCO regime and the powerful families that UBS is also obedient to the CCP and has become a loyal lackey and hitman of the CCP kleptocracy families and regime.

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According to the remittance note presented by Miles Guo in the his live broadcast, UBS once helped Sun Yao, Wang Qishan’s “adopted daughter”(1)  to transfer 1.5 billion US dollars in a single cross-border remittance. Anyone with a little financial knowledge knows that cross-border remittances are heavily restricted by governments of various countries. It is unprecedented and incredible to be able to make such a large sum of money for private individuals. This shows the relationship of UBS with the CCP powerful families.

(Note: Sun Yao was born as incest of Wang Qishan’s father-in-law with his own daughter who is Wang Qishan’s wife.)

Also, according to Miles’ information, after the fall of Zhou Yongkang, the former secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the CCP, the large amount of wealth Zhou and his “oil clique” hid in UBS was transferred overnight to the accounts of Wang Qishan and other kleptocracy families. Switzerland, known for its strict protection of the rights and interests of its customers, even transferred funds in so many large accounts with billions and billions of dollars to others without the original customers personal consent? This is how UBS’s reckless and ridiculous behaviour to appease its top boss CCP!

At present, the CCP’s economic situation is extremely dire, and the CCP’s internal political struggles have intensified. Xi Jinping has been intimidating his opponents’ families and their agents to transfer the funds hidden overseas for emergency relief. The vice chairman of UBS just told Miles that Wang Qishan’s people had just withdrawn 30 billion U.S. dollars from his bank, and the President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev had also withdrawn more than 10 billion U.S. dollars. This further confirms that UBS is the big treasury of the CCP’s regime and powerful families.

The sinister of UBS is not limited to providing financial services and money laundering to CCP. It also directly performed as hitman for the CCP. When Miles broke with the CCP and exiled to the United States, under the instruction of the CCP, UBS used margin call as an excuse to maliciously liquidate the shares of Haitong Securities held by Miles family fund, resulting in the fund a loss of 3 billion U.S. dollars. UBS used this “contribution” to entrap Miles as the stepping stone to obtain the first license for foreign banks to enter the mainland financial market.

In addition, in order to “unify” Taiwan with arms, the CCP spent a lot of money BGY (2) Taiwan’s internal politicians, businessmen, and military sectors as “insiders”, the CCP has sent large sums of money to these “Taiwan traitors”, most of which are operated by the UBS Group.

(Note 2: BGY:B stands for blue, CCP’s ciber hacher; G stands for Gold, CCP’s financial bribes and benefits, gifts to the targeting personals; Y stands for yellow, hence sex, CCP use not only secretly recordered  the sex encouters of targeting personals, also provides kids from kindergartens to satisfy those pedophiles. BGY hardly failed CCP.)

As per Miles information, the CCP’s powerful families currently hide more than 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars in UBS. Miles pointed out angrily: UBS is one of the CCP’s overseas lackeys that has performed the most harm to Chinese people and has done the most evil things. Sooner or later, all the wealth in UBS, which are earned by Chinese slaving for last 70 years will have to return back to the Chinese people. USB also helps the CCP infiltrate Taiwan and enable the CCP the use of force to attack Taiwan. It is a war crime and must also be put to trial. UBS is the largest criminal bank and is nothing less terrifying than killing the Chinese people.

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