Food Prices Rise Worldwide

By MOS Finance Team – Leah

World food prices jumped 28 percent in the year 2021, reaching the highest level in a decade. Experts on the subject are feeling little hope that the market will return to a more stable state this year.

The Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Food Price Index, which tracks the world’s most traded food commodities, averaged 125.7 points in 2021, the highest since 131.9 points in 2011.

A variety of data indicate that inflation is rising worldwide. Of all commodities, food prices are the most relevant to people’s livelihoods. When people face starvation, the foundation of a government becomes weak and unstable.

Communist China has the largest population in the world and relies on imports for much of its food. As food prices continue to soar, ordinary people are suffering first, and some face starvation.

Mr. Miles Guo has repeatedly mentioned in his live broadcasts the idea of moving away from big cities to suburbs and even rural areas. Protect yourself and protect your family in this pandemic caused by the CCP.

Sources: Food Prices Rise Worldwide

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