The CCP’s Pollution Is a Destruction of the Health Amongst Chinese Males

Healthy food and environment are critical reason for the amount of hair.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights 2022.1.1 The CCPs Pollution Is a Destruction of the Health Amongst Chinese Male


The scumbags of the CCP would rather. Have you guys been sacrificed for BGY purpose from the day of your birth or take you to be sexually abused by others. They want others to go on with their whole live without a sex life. This is an absurd kind of perverseness. Let see if I remembered the words spoken by Eglise. Water is closely related to your whole life. Wen Xiao looks similar to me. We both have little bit of hair left. This is also because you have less water. You know having more hair indicating you get a lot of water.

For instance, Ruth has more hair compared to magic girls. Longer than most of them. Just make it simple. Have you ever met anyone with a lot of water, my brother? Have you met before? You still haven’t met any yet, right? You haven’t gotten any true happiness yet. Do you know why a lot of Chinese men have less hair? What is the relationship? What is the relationship between the hair of a man and water.

Wen Xiao

Brother Miles, I’ve never gotten a lot of hair growing up. Hahaha, I didn’t lose my hair over time. This was the case since I was born.


So, this is ongoing in a few generations then, victims of multiple generations.

Wen Xiao

I want to add a little bit to what Wen Zi said here, to simplify. I am not a doctor. My mom was a doctor. There are many doctors within my family. As for the case in China. You can ask the doctors. The relationship between patients and doctors are tense. Doctors are not very happy about it. Patients are not happy. Nobody is happy. Doctors have to work overtime. This work is closely related to their income. So, it is impossible. For them to have strong intentions to have more children.


Bingo, Wen Xiao is right. I can tell you. This is not my foolish words about doctors. I cannot lie about it. The CCP has done health research on males in China. The average longevity of a British male is 68. 78 years old for a French Male. In Italy and Spain, the average age is 78-80. When it comes to Germany, it’s about 60. Belgium is about 70. The reason is simple. British people drink a lot of beer. Germans drink beer as well.

Germans and British eat a lot of cholesterol type of food. They are under a lot of pressure. The weather is not great. That’s why the Germans and British people spend their vacation in Spain. They go out there to find water in winter. In these countries, generally, they have more sex life than in Germany and UK almost ten times more. They also consume a lot of olive oil and red wine.

So, beer, pork and cholesterol food are not good for you. Not enough sunshine is not good either. How about these countries. The hair of men in these countries, generally have more hair and longer hair in comparison to UK and Germany. So, their mental health is much better. Healthy food and environment are critical reason for the amount of hair. My brothers, we have been prosecuted for many generations. My Dad has very little hair when he was young. You know. I am also the second generation being prosecuted, right?

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