Experts Called for Attention to the Unique Symptoms of Omicron Variant

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On Jan 2nd, Newsmax reported that compared to other strains, a very unique symptom from the Omicron variant emerged, namely night sweats. Dr. Amir Khan also pointed out five symptoms indicative of the Omicron variant including a scratchy throat, mild muscle aches, extreme tiredness, a dry cough, and night sweats. These findings coincided with recent data released from South Africa, which suggested that those infected with Omicron suffered from the scratchy throat, nasal congestion, a dry cough, and muscle pain along the lower back.

In addition, experts believed that a patient’s vaccination status had a significant impact on his/her symptoms. Maya N. Clark-Cutaia, an assistant professor of nursing at the New York University Meyers College of Nursing, reported that vaccinated patients with Delta or the original coronavirus usually suffered from headaches, congestion, sinus pressure, and sinus pain; while unvaccinated patients had shortness of breath, cough and flu-like symptoms. As for the Omicron variant, the symptoms of vaccinated patients resembled a really bad cold, while unvaccinated patients showed the same symptoms reported with previous strains.

It was also learned that the Omicron variant had a shorter incubation period. People with Omicron showed the symptoms within 3 days, versus 4 days for the Delta variant and 5 days for the original coronavirus.

Dr. Waleed Javaid, associate professor of medicine and infectious disease at the Icahn School of Medicine, warned that although patients suffered mild symptoms with the Omicron variant, they were also likely to develop a severe illness from the Omicron variant. This phenomenon requires everyone to attach great importance.

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