Why Did the Chinese Communist Party Create Civil Unrest and Provoke Riots Against Kazakhstan?

Author: Himalaya Italy- 阿娜

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia and covers an area of 2.72 million square kilometers, which is just equal to the area of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia of China combined. 

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Kazakhstan is exceptionally rich in oil and gas reserves and metal, minerals. This CCP (Chinese Communist Party)-rigged unrest in Kazakhstan has directly pushed up the global price of uranium (19% of the world’s total uranium reserves). It has 50% of the world’s tungsten, 23% of chrome, 19% of lead, 13% of zinc, and 10% of copper and iron (in terms of global share).

Kazakhstan has the seventh largest oil and gas reserves in the world, with 4 billion tons of recoverable oil reserves and 3 trillion cubic meters of recoverable natural gas reserves. The CITIC Group (state-owned investment company of the CCP), COFCO (China’s largest food processor, manufacturer and trader) and CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) have been had a layout in Kazakhstan for years, and the penetration of the military and intelligence system into Kazakhstan is even more impressive.

In short:The CCP is trying to control Kazakhstan through “BGY” tactic seize the oil and gas resources, metal, minerals and food production capacity of Kazakhstan, and bring Kazakhstan and Central Asia into the sphere of influence of the CCP.

The “BGY” tactic which includes Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex).

Kazakhstan holds the geopolitical and Eurasian continental bridge in Central Asia, and is the first threshold of the “Belt and Road” to Europe.

Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, said in a live broadcast on GTV on January 5 that the riots in Kazakhstan were entirely planned by the Chinese Communist Party. Kazakhstan’s former president Nazarbayev hid at least 100 tons of gold from Chinese Communist leader Qishan Wang and others, and Xi Jinping (Chairman of the CCP) sent Chinese Foreign Minister Yi Wang to demand it. Nazabayev threatened, “If Xi Jinping ask me the gold again, I will establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan.” As a result, after Yi Wang left, unrest arose in Kazakhstan.

Mr. Miles Guo also mentioned that the CCP would say that the unrest was orchestrated by the United States. Now the CCP’s news media reports have fully corroborated what Mr. Guo said in the broadcast.

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