Fourth Myocarditis Incident Reported Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Male Students At Private School in California

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Image: Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

Monte Vista Christian School, a Christian academy in Watsonville, California, has had its fourth case of a vaccinated male student with myocarditis.

On Wednesday, pathologist Steve Kirsch reported receiving a private notice from a parent about the heart inflammation incident.

The pathologist has already documented three similar myocarditis reports involving the male students at the school, which had an enrolment number of around 855 students as of last month.

“So now there are now 4 cases in 285 vaccinated boys (estimate), bringing the incidence rate to nearly 1 in 70, assuming all the cases are boys (285/4=71.25),” wrote Mr Kirsch.

His calculation challenges the Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) claim that myocarditis is a rare COVID-19 vaccine side effect with an approximately 1 in 13,000 incidence rate.

“This is not rare. This is a disaster,” the pathologist warned.

“This kind of behavior doesn’t save lives. It fuels the false narrative and costs lives. . .Students learn that if you see people being injured or killed by your government, the right thing to do is to keep your mouth shut and look the other way.”

According to Mr Kirsch, the Board at the school refuses to meet with parents opposed to the vaccine.

“Some parents aren’t speaking out because they don’t want to damage the school. They believe God will save them. One parent wrote ‘I would much prefer to see God heal these children with myocarditis.’ I’m serious. I saw the text message. You really can’t make this stuff up. It shows that the parents knew about the myocarditis and are keeping quiet,” wrote the pathologist.

“They could save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide if they spoke out and others followed their lead. It would destroy the credibility of the CDC and break people out of their hypnotic trance doing whatever the CDC says,” he continued.

“Tony Fauci would be so proud of the school, the parents, and in particular, the parents of the injured kids who are choosing to remain silent so as to not alert other parents of the problem.”

Mr Kirsch also expressed his concern that authorities at Monte Vista Christian School and around America may be coercing parents to remain silent about the vaccine’s side effects.

“For example, I just got an email that a local 17-year-old boy from Bishop Verot Catholic High School in Fort Meyers, Florida died from the vaccine. It will undoubtedly be reported as an unfortunate event and the vaccine will never be mentioned in his obituary,” he wrote.

Monte Vista Christian School has received various comments regarding Mr Kirsch’s report on their social media posts. The school has continued to ignore these comments.

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