White House Releases Video Promoting COVID Vaccination to Children

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On Monday, the White House released a video promoting the COVID vaccine for children,which is creepy.

It is important to know that 99.995% of children do not die from Covid-19 infection. A child’s own immune system is perfectly capable of allowing the little patient to recover from the Covid virus and is not at risk of death.

As Gateway Pundit has been saying repeatedly for the past year, children do not need to be vaccinated against COVID.

Recently, a large study in the UK reconfirmed that there is virtually no risk of death in children and young people after being infected with Covid-19.

In other words, compare to be killed by Covid-19, children and young people are almost twice as likely to be killed by a lightning strike.

Despite this fact, the government is keep creating fear – see what the government is doing?

On Monday, the Biden White House released a video of the COVID vaccine being pushed on children.

It is full of questionable statements, to say the least.

 It’s creepy. What are they doing?

In my opinion, it is important to understand that the adverse effects and side effects of this experimental viral vaccine far outweigh its efficacy.

Not only the viral vaccine is ineffective, it causes all kinds of adverse reactions and even destroys the vaccine recipient’s own immune system, and its side effects will stay with the recipient for the rest of his or her life.

In other words, because the vaccine destroys DNA, the immune system is reduced, and the person is more likely to contract various viruses and diseases.


  • Vaccine refers to COVID-19 vaccine
  • CCP virus refers to Covid-19
  • We are not anti-vaccine, only against fake vaccines
  • We are not anti-science, only against anti-humanity


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